PVP on alts in anathema

Leveling an alt on this server is an eye opening experience. Basic players that cant hack it on alts quick to jump on mains and then run screaming away from me when i show up on the shaman. ZimZam where you at?

You were 7 levels higher than me. I got on my mage (not my main either, just closest to badlands) so you wouldn’t corpse kill me anymore. I killed you twice, that was enough for me! GGs though

Horde on this server will never fight an uphill or even battle… they only engage when they outnumber 2 to 1 or way higher level. the second it evens up they tuck tail and run…or spend all the time face down in the dirt//

Lots of love

I solo pvp all the time.

Didn’t know killing AFK people at Theramore was synonymous with solo PVP

Were you a victim? Assuming so since my spy is telling me 3-0, interested to avenge your death in a friendly 1v1?

You attacked me while i was afk with rez sickness lol. Then camped me after and had to pot and full cd burn to do it as a rogue vs a warrior. Then i camped you until you brought your main out, so i got the shaman, you saw me and ran lol.

edit didn’t i kill you on another character in world pvp like yesterday too? I knew that was you lol. warrior i think?

Foxx you legit have run from me since ive been on this server. I don’t think theres many people on this server who 1v1 me at all with any regularity. And those that do are pretty much warlocks/rogues.

Foxx Vs shocksyou 1win 1 loss
i haven’t encountered you for 29 days… and it was in azshara so probably during an azurgose war.
i have not run from you in a 1v1 encounter

And and my statement was a blank statement… Some horde do fight it out… I just found most tuck tail and run. Especially during some epic large scale battle… i can site examples if need be

Then in that case i’ll retract my statement. Though i do remember you running from me that might have just been in an az battle in which we both had each other targeted for being annoying.

And in large scale battles both sides run at points. Whenever the winning side presses an advantage the other side runs. This has been true on this server for both sides since pvp at hillsbrad foothills.

Then i look forward to charging at your ranks and killing you up-close and personal at the world dragons :slight_smile:

i’ll look forward to you trying =) if you ever want to try me 1v1 let me know.

im usually farming in felwood :slight_smile: