PvP Medallion Trinkets in Shadowlands

Before the Legion expansion, the PvP medallion line of trinkets (often called the “CC break trinket”) removed all movement impairing and loss of control effects from the player, with a 2 minute cooldown. These trinkets were considered uniquely powerful PvP rewards, and they were considered mandatory in high level competitive content.

In Legion, the PvP template system deactivated all effects from gear. This meant that functionality like this had to be included in the honor talent system, along with alternatives.

For Shadowlands, we plan to restore this CC break functionality to a trinket, and make it a powerful PvP trinket option that comes exclusively from PvP. Players will be able to purchase this trinket for Honor or Conquest from one of the new PvP vendors returning in Shadowlands.


Will the current Gladiators medallion continue to exist in the Honor Talent panel if players decide that the trinket doesn’t have enough value with Soulbinds like the CC immunity attached to the fleshcraft channel or Soulsteel Clamps ?

If not, does this potentially mean the honor talent trinket slot is becoming a 4th pvp talent for us to choose from?

If so, what is the fate of Relentless and Adaptation?


This seems pretty pointless. If you really need that much protection against CC (assuming that Relentless/Adaption stay in), then just run the Battlemaster’s trinket and pre-use as they are bursting you. That will help you live a lot longer than breaking one CC in a long CC chain.

If this is a replacement for the first Honor Talent, and you have to choose between breaking CC and anything else at all, that seems unfair to PvPrs. Having one slot be dedicated to CC break will push Forsaken/Orc/Human right back to the only usable PvP races again.


Does this change something about the PVP talents?


good change
next up is banning pve trinkets from pvp entirely

i don’t think you entirely understand the point of breaking CC. like at all


There’s already the Heirloom you can use if you really needed it. But N’Zoth trinket or Safeguard are used as the defensive trinket options because they are better defensive options than breaking a single CC in a long CC chain.

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again, you don’t understand the point of breaking cc at all

if my memory is correct, the only time people didn’t use a medallion trinket was when they had an obsessive amount of ways to break CC already.

it’s not necessarily a defensive trinket, though it can be. It can be offensive. You can use it defensively for your team. There’s a lot of play to be made by breaking a CC, even if it’s only every 2mins.

You can destroy an entire “go” if you trinket the right thing at the right time and react accordingly.

The defensive trinkets, although good, aren’t as strong to negate the entire need of personal defensives/cc/more else everyone would be running one, which they don’t.


You missed the point of my post entirely. If Adaption/Relentless is staying in the game, there’s really no reason to run Gladiator Trinket. You don’t need that much CC protection.

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I think part of restoring power to the medallion would definitely involve removing both adapt and relentless from the talent panel. Otherwise I think you’ll run into scenarios where a gear set with double PvE trinkets are going to be viable for a handful of race/class/covenant combinations depending on the meta.

My only concern with the question I asked above was if there was a possibility where viability is being tied to gear sets when you have so many safety nets that you can play aggressive into a team with PvE gear and be rewarded for it.

The post imply’s that the Legion choice to move medallion to the talent system is what caused Adapt/Relent to be added in the first place. My assumption is that without the system there is no need for the talents.

When I was Human I enjoyed running Adapt when I could (pmuch only vs hunter teams) so it’s always a shame to see less options for finding ways to win against teams in your bracket but the frequency where you would see this in legion vs. the number of games where people were playing orc/relent is not comparable. Not to add it had a massive impact on the pace of the match overall where adapt advantage was pretty minor if at all.

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should’ve said that then because i agree. both either need to be taken out of the game or made trinkets that cannot be combined among eachother

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I literally did:

This is a HORRIBLE change!


You are not giving us enough information about this change.

In short, how does this effect the honor talent system?

I don’t understand why you didn’t mention this in the original post since it’s just as important as adding a CC trinket back into the game, and there is no way you would announce this change without first deciding how to handle the honor talents.

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Can you please give us more information about what this means for PvP Talents? Is the first tier of PvP Talents being removed? WIl there now be only 3 PvP talents instead of 4? Will all 3 variations (Medallion, Relentless, Adaptation) have a trinket version in Shadowlands, or just the Medallion?

I just want to point out that, while obviously the Medallion was the most popular option of the 3 choices in the PvP talent tier, all 3 had their uses, and being able to choose amongst the three of them was an interesting choice to make with each combat and team strategy, and I would be sad for that to go away.


Yes. The Honor talent category that contained only Gladiator’s Medallion, Adaptation, and Relentless will be going away. Players will be able to choose three Honor talents going forward.


Thank you for the clarification.

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How about we keep 4, but we can choose another PVP talent with the removal of Conflict and Strife major? Just an idea.


the silly thing is that if that is what they wanted to do, they wouldve done it right here with this change, very disappointing that this isnt currently the case

I think this is a really bad change too. I don’t see why the medallion can’t just be baseline in pvp scenarios. It doesn’t have to be a talent choice with relentless/adaptation, those should be removed i agree. It just removes flexibility in pvp cause you only get 1 trinket choice now. Most DPS classes will pick the on use trinkets so it becomes really dumbed down choice wise.

why remove it? those of us that are not humans or forsaken how do we break cc now?!?