PvP Item Levels in Chains of Domination

In Shadowlands, we’ve been happy to see that the reintroduction of Honor, Conquest, and PvP gear vendors has been well-received by players. Nonetheless, we feel that there is still room for improvement. One piece of feedback we’ve heard repeatedly is that PvP gear needs something special for it to stand apart in PvP specific situations.

In an upcoming build of the Chains of Domination PTR, you will notice that all Season 2 PvP items have +13 item levels in PvP. This means that in PvP situations (such as battlegrounds, arenas, and war mode), the power of these items will increase by 13 item levels. Along with this, the baseline item level of these items will be reduced by 6 from where it would have otherwise been.

If this arrangement had been in place during Shadowlands Season 1, Duelist gear would have had a baseline item level of 220 and would have scaled up to item level 233 in Season 1 PvP.

What we want here is for the different endgame sources of gear to be viable in all content, while the very best gear for PvP generally comes from PvP activities, and the very best gear for raids and dungeons generally comes from raids and dungeons. We believe this small adjustment gets us closer to accomplishing that, while still allowing for plenty of crossover play between PvE and PvP.


This is a great change, thank you. Should make both PVPers and PVEers happy.


This is a bad change for many reasons. It’s a nerf to either PVPer’s or PVPer’s ability to play other contents. This change is pigeonholing playtime constrained players to select one track exclusively.

PVP gears already have a ton of versatility to separate it from PVE gears. PVP gears do not excel in PVE, and vice versa.

Currently, geared PVPer can hop in an M+15 and do lowest dmg at ilvl while being viable, and geared PVEers can hop in random BGs or do WPVP and have a blast without being demolished.

This change feels like a nerf to PVP gears in PVE environment, and a nerf to PVE gears in PVP environment.

To demonstrate why this change is bad, imagine we take this to an extreme:

  • PVP gears are +100 ilvl in PVP, and -100 ilvl in PVE.
  • PVP players are still fighting PVP players with simular ilvl in rated, but only now they cannot PVE.
  • PVE players now can’t even queue a random BGs or WPVP without being demolished by PVPers.

You can see this change is basically chopping players legs off, and limiting them to stick to one type of gameplay.


BLESS, i like this very much :slight_smile:


Looking forward, Season 2 Duelist gear will be item level 246 baseline, and it will scale up to ilvl 259 in PvP. At the same time, Mythic gear from the Sanctum of Domination raid and Vault rewards from Season 2 Mythic Keystone 14+ will be item level 252.


Great, now can you fix it all the way and either remove rating requirements or cap ilvl in unrated pvp so we don’t get steamrolled?


Very Based.

Awesome change. Hopefully this will help curb the insane carry industry that has been massively deflating rating for legit PvPers now that PvE’ers have less reason to get carried to gear in rated PvP.


What about 2400 (elite) weapons?

259 looks to be the hard cap that can be acquired in PvE, but with Duelist going from 246 (259 PvP), are the elite weapons still going to exist at all?

Why does anybody want this? It just adds another barrier to getting gear… if people want to be able to PvE and PvP on the same toon, why not let them? This just makes it so people who’d like to do both need to invest even more time playing the game to get decent gear. It isn’t as if PvP gearing is that fast. What does this fix? Is this just to appease PvE players who think gearing through PvP is unfair because they don’t want to? The time investment is still there…

edit: if it is to curb boosting, why not just makes boosting against ToS and start banning accounts?


So will PvP gear “scale down” in PvE or not?

Been reading some conflicting information today. Not sure exactly how PvP gear will translate to PvE scenarios.

This is saying that, Yes, PvP gear WILL scale down in PvE.

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I don’t think this addresses the other concern of how difficult it can be to climb the ladder later in the season due to fighting players more geared than you when trying to reach new cutoffs to improve your gear.


Yeah you guys failed. If the scaled PvP ilvl isn’t static across all the ranks of PvP gear this system does nothing to address the gear ilvl disparity.


Someone hasn’t looked at the current best trinkets to use in all forms of PVE.


Now also remove rating requirements for upgrading items and instead introduce a larger cap for skilled people in pvp just like it was in WoD


Honestly that would be fine too. Just give high ranked people vault gear at higher ilvl while plebs have to grind their butts off to get and upgrade it all.


Good change

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not good enough. buff the ilvl

pvp gear gonna suck in pve yet pve gear will be good in pvp. not fair


PvE gear won’t scale. PvP gear is the only gear that scales.

If you’re using S1 (current season) as an example, 2100 gear (duelist) will be slightly inferior to PvE vault loot (if you can do 14s), and Mythic raid gear.

I’m personally a big fan of loot just being loot though, but this isn’t an awful compromise. At least people who PvE more won’t feel as bad skimping out on PvP in the next patch.