PVP in classic in May

Where is it? Ever since I finished ranking, it seems like there is no competitive scene. Where did all the r14 gear go? On herod, almost all of the early generation r14s dont play anymore. The ones that do raid log. Durotar is barren. There is not nearly enough interest in wargaming. BGs are a joke. I came back to classic for the PVP. Batching wasn’t enough to deter me, but the lack of competitiveness is.


Blizzard can’t make people PvP.


I dont know what server you’re rolling on but there’s plenty of whordies like yourself to kill on my server.

They are like a cockroach infestation or something.


Herod - one of the biggest servers. I edited my original post to say: On herod, almost all of the early generation r14s dont play anymore. The ones that do raid log

Those that do raid log that early do not know how to appreciate this fine game.

Clearly we know that retail is the better option for them :stuck_out_tongue:

They certainly can’t. But a lot of their decisions in classic design can. Truly, batching dulled PVP to a point where no competitive player would choose it over retail or other private servers. Surely they knew that.

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Wait. I misred your post wrongly. You are from Herod?

What is your real ID? u got discord?

Yep, what is yours I’ll add you.


From reading the forums, my impression has always been that a lot of people who were focused on ranking were planning on being done with PvP when they reached the rank they needed to buy gear or whatever

I guess thats the difference, I PvPed to have the gear I needed to PVP. Seems like no one else did.

I would bet money that come AQ and Naxx you’re gonna see a lot more people queuing up with those epics lol

I’m no rank 14 but I do make good use of the acquired gear… The r14s in my guild still play. You may want to look into wbosses. You’ll find a few lingering about. On Herod that is.

Oh ummm BGS I don’t view that as pvp more like an inefficient catch-up mechanic like ZG. Nothing to take seriously.

what did you think was going to happen once people got to r14? pvp?

Tryhards and metababies scared off most of the population from PvE while rankers and premades scared people away from PvP. You thought people were lying last year when they said modern players would destroy any semblance of vanilla WoW?


LOL…That’s funny on my server of Kirtonos, we say the same thing about the alliance since they don’t come on or get bold untill after midnight when most of us are asleep just like roaches in real life.

careful flinging that drool around

Perfectly stated. Most of the guys I played with left because of the private server meta that’s infected the game. I have 11 days left, and I’m out too. Too many elitist $%^@heads in game, and on the forum treating the player base like crap. Try expressing your irritation with the current state, and the same people will come in and troll your post, and insult you to no end. I’ve been hiding in the shadows watching these forums, as I generally don’t post here, but I feel it’s time to just be blunt out it. That your post summed up exactly what I have been witnessing this whole time.

Don’t want to be around these people anymore, and I’m sure as hell not paying money to be treated like this. Honestly, Classic deserves to die, and we have the pserver metababies, and premades to thank.

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i’ll never understand this.

WoW pvp in itself is weak but classic wow pvp is next-gen weak.


Burnout on that is real, its so real if you did it vanilla you are likely still on cooldown.