PvP Hotfixes – April 16

Still makes no sense. Damp games can happen because of skill not items. And allowing this item to still work even with tanks. Inc prot warriors and blood dks that again are just unkillable. Stop putting out little fires one at a time. Put the whole fire out by just killing things off and low letting them be viable. Ok dps cant use them meta shifts to tanks. 2 months later here we are again talking about the same thing and putting out another little fire.

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I’ve totally given up on hoping that Blizz makes sound and welcomed changes this expac. Everything is shrouded in so much secrecy, you would think that they were protecting state secrets or something.
God forbid they kept everyone in the loop regarding “possible” upcoming class changes, glitch fixes or even acknowledging that certain issues are in need of some attention. Instead they keep it all hush hush until the last minute then release it and wonder why people are still upset…
Just remember this quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

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A bandage fix for PvE items having a dominant presence in PvP. Something wrong in this picture. I swear, Mists of Pandaria and even Warlords had it right.

PvP Power
PvP Resilience
PvP items scaling in item level when engaged in PvP combat

So, why can’t the reverse work? PvE items scale down in PvP combat. Oh right, because PvP is an afterthought and we’re the minority here. Even minor bugs in PvE, such as mythics or raids get immediately hot-fixed, while we can go weeks to get the same treatment for PvP.

Is there not enough resources or personnel allocated to the PvP team?


Gonna guess that the only reason you’re complaining is because you had a refracting prism or ward.

Has a lesson about the trinkets not been learned by now?

Or are we just going to keep making the same mistake of introducing new trinkets and having to nerf them drastically, but not until months later?

This entire expansion has been a circus act of poor balancing and broken implementations.

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wait until u see the influx of crucible loot…