PvP Hotfixes – April 16

We’re working on a couple of PvP hotfixes that will go live with weekly scheduled maintenance in each region (starting tomorrow on all American realms).

Player versus Player

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the intended 50% reduction to Azerite Traits in PvP from being applied to Traits found on Engineering helms.

  • The effectiveness of Ward of Envelopment, Mirror of Entwined Fate, and Void Stone in PvP has been reduced by 50% for player characters who are not in a healing specialization.

  • The effectiveness of Diamond-Laced Refracting Prism in PvP has been reduced by 50% for player characters who are not in a tank specialization.


I think the Refracting Prism nerf should be 75% but thank you for doing this.


Why is Blizzard allowing these broken trinkets to be used in any type of PvP and arena? They should be disabled which includes the rubbish Maledicts.


… disabling maledicts? sure they are BiS but… they are pvp trinkets

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Why did this nerf take so long to come out? Is there an explanation?

We have the lead pvp Dev openly mocking the community on twitter, knowing the state of the game was, for lack of a more appropriate word, garbage, but still didn’t feel the need to address the issues at all for over two months.

I thought with BFA the goal was to be more involved with the communities, not neglect them and openly insult them.


Hey can you guys also tune the items from the new raid before they come out? We are foreseeing many of the same problems with the effects of those items…

Namely the defensive effect from the pole arm and the trinket that does damage to the user once per second (breaking cc). I think there may be some others too but as a rule of thumb, they should all just be less effective in instanced pvp. Thanks.


this balancing madness is our punishment for asking them to remove templates

Imagine crying about something that can be obtained by PvP and made for PvP.

what does that have to do with anything? nobody in pvp wants maledicts. they’re part of the reason this season has no participation and why nobody plays healers. trash trinket and trash design


they’re also terribly designed and nobody in pvp wants them. what does them being a pvp item have to do with anything. you’re clueless bro

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It doesn’t matter if they’re PvP trinkets they shouldn’t be in the game. Even a nerfed Maledict is still broken. All PvP needs is the basic on use and proc trinkets like we had in previous expansions.

How you can even justify Maledicts is beyond me.

I mean, in a perfect game, Maled’s would be a horribly designed item. But in this game where everyone has too much HP, crazy heals, and a lot of defensives, they actually help the meta.

All top tier players agree that this game would be worse, in the current state it’s in, if Maleds were removed.

Poor Ziqo lol

Good changes though, need to nerf crucible of storms items in pvp now

be a lot easier to understand these nerfs if they put the ability effect instead of these arcane names

Personally I don’t think Blizzard has a dedicated team for Class Design anymore… the frequency of updates is kind of representative of the priority of PvP at the moment.

I’m not defending them… But you’d have to be delusional to think they would disable their " season mechanic" on a mid-tier hotfix

and i just got this yesterday. every damn time…

Stop calling small PvE item changes PvP hotfixes…thx

The developers’ notes that go with these changes:

The above trinkets are balanced for healers and tanks in PvP, and their current tuning slows down the pacing of Arena combat unacceptably when used by nonstandard roles. Reducing their effectiveness in PvP, for those roles only, will allow them to remain a formidable option.

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