PVP gear is useless

Can someone tell me the point of having pvp gear, large amounts of vers and still getting critted for 100,150,200k honestly theres 0 point in having it.


Ok, then take it off and get hit for 15-20% harder.

Not sure you thought this through my guy. Vers isn’t a stat you get so that you can choose what you get hit for


yeah… cause having a huge amount of stam, main stat, and damage reduction is useless.

also try using a defensive :dracthyr_shrug:

yeah well thats Boomy, spriests, enh, mage, and warlock for you.
try rerolling and playing the class the devs are playing, warlock has been broken since shadowlands and has been getting updates every single week, to weird unimportant thing like animations and and other VERY unimportant garbage. on top of getting Precog which is the most broken thing in the game its blatant to see blizzard is not playing melee because there’s nothing in the game even slightly close and its gamebreaking.

My suggestion, try lock, doesnt really matter the spec all 3 are played by blizzard devs so they’re all viable, you dont have to even port or gate or kite or position yourself or interrupt, just equip precog, stand and hard cast in the middle of the arena and collect 2100 this ssn easy.


Versatility is mainly an offensive stat. As everyone’s versatility increases damage will go up, not down.

However, when a person with high versatility matches up against someone with low versatility they are going to get insta-chunked. That is how the stat works. It is a noobstomper stat.

Something tells me you haven’t actually played a Lock.


I played Demo/Destro about about 2.2+ mmr last season, play RBGS at about 2k this ssn and I heal about 1 to 2 every time I play RSS on disc at 2 - 2.2+ mmr this season. probably the most broken caster in the game by far and its not even close especially with precog, even more game breaking than rets cuz they were nerfed after 72 hours. Warlocks need an immediate nerf to damage across the board, double the time on their shields and wall needs be put on a 5m cd with everyone else cds, also more of their needs to be purgeable and a complete rework of their CC (which is also the best in the game by a WIDE margin).
They have 4 stuns, infinite fear spam, mortal coil which can be havoc’d for a triple cc on an abysmal cd which HEALS YOU 20%? AND I CAN DIE IN IT??? WTF???


So you haven’t played one this season? Got it.


The reason I say that is this. You cannot just stand there and take hits and win, especially in randoms or SS where you may or may not have a decent healer. Maybe in 2s/3s with a dedicated healer you know will keep you alive.

Sounds like you dont do much pvp as warlock, your class can literally just stand in once place and hard cast all the way to 2.2 it seems. I’m saying that because I’m literally watching it happen, live, I’m healing them, I’m in game with these guys earning duelist, breaking 2.1-2.2 just standing in the middle of the arena and tab targeting anything that is in LOS.

Then they are facing opponents that are not very good.

2k + lobbies? These are last season glads and multi R1’s mounts running into every round. I’m sure they’re not bad and know what they’re doing. https://check-pvp.fr/us/Arthas/Jugaa you literally dont pvp why are you commenting about it how broken ur class is in high rated pvp.

Not seeing any rating on your Lock. Just 1546 in rbgs with a 56% winrate.

Locks are strong but ur post is so fried its making kfc jealous.


Theres this thing in Rated PvP called MMR, its puts you where it thinks you should be playing at based on a collection of things. Although my lock is 1546CR im playing with groups at 2k+ mmr because I have history playing with that group.
So yes I play lock THIS season.

Locks are waaayyyy to strong, probably as far as to say gamebreaking with precog.

If you cant kill a lock standing still ur bad at the game. All that needs be said. If they are standing in open and not dying ur playing at a mmr where people dont press their buttons.


Exactly. It’s one thing to say Locks are strong (they are) It’s another thing to use hyperbole and say they can just stand there and hard cast lol


Your right lemme just whisper all these R1’s and glads and tell them another warlock on the forums is telling them they’re playing their class wrong while they 5-1 without using port more than 2 times in 6 rounds at 2.2k mmr???
Are you trolling on purpose?

Ill wait. Start whispering.

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