PVP focused game

I’m done with WOW. The only part of the game I like is PVP. What other games have a fun pvp scene? Prefer a PC game.

I haven’t played it but Guild Wars 2 is largely about the pvp and it’s somewhat popular. Sadly, despite the issues WoW pvp has it still tends to blow other games out of the water. Also hard to find games with a strong playerbase to rely on. Seems Archeage had promise until the cash shop ruined it. I can’t recommend other mmorpgs cause the ones I can find on lists I haven’t even heard of and/or the pvp videos I see look meh.

There’s obvious things like League/DoTa but moba is a way different play style. Counter Strike maybe if you are into FPS. Age of Empire for RTS, maybe Civilization V for strategy.

Using google didn’t seem to inspire much confidence in this regard. GL. I started playing FFXVI but it was more for a different pve experience. I don’t expect the pvp to be great and have even heard it’s not.