PvP: Fistweaving upped to 375% healing. Still won't work


  • Ancient Teachings of the Monastery now heals for 375% of damage done (was 240%) in PvP combat.

Fistweaving has a more limited range, you need to connect kiting enemies, more susceptible to CC, burst, and above all else: it is pseudo-random. If the healing is random between two injured allies at 11% and a 98%, that inconsistency and randomness will never make it work in my opinion.

In PvP where damage is more concentrated, precise, and targetted - I don’t see fistweaving ever viable without smart healing.

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The biggest issue with it IMO is the 30yd range of AT which means many ranged just flat-out won’t get healed.

It would need to have a 60yd range minimum to make it worth using.

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The biggest issue is what Venzo said.
As long as ATotM healing stays as a random healing to an injured ally it will be garbage in PvP.
It should always heal the most injured ally


I think it will be great fun for small skirmishes in BGs (i.e. taking one of the side bases on Arathi or Eye of the Storm). It will be useless in teamfights, because as soon as a mistweaver steps in melee range they will instantly die.

It could potentially be strong in 2s, given that Mistweaver has most of the tools they need to do melee dps (i.e. a snare, interrupt).

The biggest issue with this playstyle is anti-snare. The CD in Tiger’s Lust is kinda long and roll/Torpedo is only so helpful in chasing down ranged. If you’re against ranged DPS and they can kite you, you’re dead.

For that kind of risk we need better anti stuns, make Life Cocoon cartable when stunned. And a talent that makes Enveloping mist instant.

I’ve been fistweaving in pvp 1600 rated (got to 1800 in season 2 SL)… This buff is amazing. ATOTM heals through silence, and is basically passive healing to all my team mates. The only time that I actively heal anyone is when I throw my renewing mist on sombody to get that sweet double gusts of mists after my essence font/fae line stomp.

This buff is amazing, don’t kid yourself.

Enveloping mist is instant with Chi-ji and and 3 blackout kick charges

Dumb fix. Honestly damning evidence that dev’s don’t really play / understand MW in relation to PVP. FW being viable in PVP isn’t, and has never been, a healing throughput issue. It’s the damage vs positioning risk, also concerns w/ smart-heal functionality.

  • Developers’ notes: We would like to see more aggressive playstyles from Mistweaver Monk to be possible in PvP, so we’re targeting Ancient Teaching of the Monastery to bolster the playstyle.

Outside of landing a kill (ToD) or cc, WHY would I ever torpedo/roll in to press a team when I KNOW the damage output vs positioning exposure / risk is utterly negligible? ATotM can (and SHOULD) be left at 240%. Our baseline damage is what needs this 135% buff (frankly, should be more like 200%). That is, if you’re really wanting to see “more aggressive playstyles”.


When fistweaving last worked, it healed 3 people, now it heals 1 person and doesn’t smart heal, so you can heal someone at 90% while not healing the person at 10%. The RNG is too much and I will not be using it because Blizzard still hasn’t addressed this for the last couple years and it would take 10 seconds to fix.

Also in PvP (which is what they referred to when buffing it) I can’t afford to drop this talent for clouded focus, as it has too much RNG with no smart healing.

How to fix it:

Heal 3 members in your party/raid (Like legion and BFA)

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I also am getting very angry that it’s not a smart or even semi-smart heal.

You have access to paralyze and disable as MW now. If that’s your bag, you can catch and trap just like a WW would.

Paralysis is great, but if we’re talking about disable & it’s application for FW…
Feel like you’d want FWr to be kitted with the OG disable in order to work in a (non-2s) PVP setting. If you’re having to use all your roll / torpedo charges to gap-close, then you’re now open to getting swapped to. Port would be the out. On top of a basic damage increase, the OG double-tap snare from disable (on live WW kit) may also be a useful “fix”. Feel like that’s be a bigger buff for turret-heal MW though, as I’d abuse the hell out of it.

i’m not gunna read what everyone put here but…

…the only reason you don’t take Ancient Teachings is because it occupies the same slot as Clouded Focus.

not to mention that when you fistweave, you’ll be using 1min chiji + EF + bonedust, which is so much healing that AT would just be overkill…

AT playstyle, outside of chiji, is not a sustainable form of healing (in 3s. some insane person could probably get decent value from it in 2s).

If it wasn’t in the CF slot, you’d pick it up and use it like a 2nd school of healing. get kicked, start slapping people instead of standing there like a potato, or mindlessly rolling.