PVP Fire Mages - I Need Your Advice


Whats the best legendary for solo PVP nowadays?

Is triune ward still a good pick or did it get nerfed too hard?

Has anyone tried Necro? I would think the double shield and survivability would be decent for wpvp and random BGs at least.


Will Night Fae still be meta?

What double legendaries will you be running?

It’s between triune and disciplinary command. Triune’s purpose is protect your combust from being dispelled.

The other legendary kind of makes the game slightly more complicated as you have to time your casts right to get as much value out of it as you can.

Necro is very nice with frost. It has a whole lot of damage potential if your group knows how to protect you. Otherwise, you’ll spend most of your time getting interrupted.

For fire, I guess I can see that the fleshcraft would help, but night fae provides you with ext ra mobilty that could potentially make even more of a difference, since it’s extra damage that you won’t be taking because someone got bored of chasing you.

Appreciate the detailed reply.

Do you think double legendaries will change the meta or is Night Fae just that good for fire?

I can’t really say. I don’t think our covenant legendaries are all that great. And this may be problematic for our class. We’ll see…

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If they don’t change/nerf/buff some of the other cov Lego’s yeah fae will probably be the best. Cdr + casting shifting powers while moving and all the other goodies it does is decent. Venthyr might also be decent

Hard to say.

NF will remain as for sure a solid option, whether or not it is BiS cov for pvp.

The only contender will likely be Necrolord.

When we can equip a regular ability leggo and a cov leggo, as Necro you will get a leggo that proc’s Deathborne. This has the potential to be really strong for double wizard comps, and possibly even comps like WMD, RMP, WWMD, etc. Deathborne gives you a 15% increased spell damage AND makes Fireball cleave, hitting up to 3 people. If you are spec’d into Pyrokinesis and Kindling, you could be getting up to 9 seconds of Combustion CD taken off per Fireball cast. Necro is already pretty powerful when you use Deathborne’s on-use ability giving you 9 sec. per CDR for Combustion and the 15% spell damage. Now you would be adding on the necro legendary for Deathborne making it a proc for 8 seconds, giving Fire a lot more sustained damage and not so reliant on CDs, and simultaneously lowering CDR on Combustion.

There really is no way to know at the moment what will happen. All I can tell you is that its shaping up to be fun for all Fire and Frost Mages next patch getting to test out between those 2 main covenants in PvP. I know I’m certainly excited to see what happens.

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I just saw a video from Venruki last night. Kyrian may be a contender in PvP now as well. In his 9.2 testing video he showed that Kyrian’s covenant ability Radiant Spark is no longer dispellable! He was 1 shotting people with Radiant Spark as Fire and Frost when his other legendary was Disciplinary Command. Very interesting. Next Patch is really shaping up to be a great time for ALL mage specs, including Arcane now! Rejoice!

Fire’s tier set also got rid of the HP burn with the 4-set! How exciting!

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Yea im thinking kyrian might replace nightfae if radiant spark stays undispellable, which i think it might. CDR is nice, but 30 second burst windows seems pretty good to me on both frost and fire.

Its just a shame its a arcane spell or else it would be good on arcane.