Pvp decay clarification

Blizzard use the formula:

(E-C)*rate_fact = awarded points

The existing formula for awarded points is

Contribution_points - C * .2 = awarded_points

Which implies for the existing system,

contribution_points = .2*E

Plugging in their .4 rate factor leads to

Awarded points = 2contribution_points -0.4C


C is your current total rank points and E is the weeks estimation or whatever they called it.

The -0.4*C is the decay term and 40% is the decay.

So basically the whole processes progresses twice as fast, aside from that it’s the same system already in era. Note: this discussion hasn’t included blizzards built in functions to limit how quickly you decay if you compete far less per week or don’t enter the pool.


They failed again in their explanation. How hard is it to say:

  • RP increased by 2X per week
  • Decay increased by 2X per week

No one would be confused by these two simple statements. They gave the worst explanation again. Doubling down on a bad explanation is not a good strat.

Additionally I think they need to clarify how big the brackets will be. You can increase rp gain/decrease decay, but it won’t mean much if the pool isn’t big enough; fact is, I doubt that enough people will be playing SoM to make for big enough pools. Absent that we’re just looking at paid pool parties and all that nonsense again.

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How they outlined it is how it’s originally coded, I’m not completely certain they were aware of how to translate that into the more common discussion around just decay and contribution points. I could be completely wrong but I feel adding one more sentence outlining it plainly would be have useful as you say.

Come vote! Lets see where everyone is going. Make a POST!

COME VOTE Simple Forum Poll (PvP server) NA - In Development / WoW Classic Season of Mastery Beta - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

We have doubled the maximum amount of weekly ranking progress gained. Dedicated players who consistently finish each week at the top of their realm and faction’s rankings each week can expect to move through the ranks roughly twice as fast as was possible in Original World of Warcraft.

After careful consideration, we increased the rate at which players rank up in the PvP Honor System. The system still largely behaves as it did before, ranking players within a given faction/realm against one another and calculating an “expected rank” based on those weekly contributions. In WoW Classic, after calculating your expected rank each week, you would move 20% of the distance between your current rank and your expected rank. We’re increasing that to 40% per week for Season of Mastery.
In WoW Classic, the #1 ranked player would have an “expected honor” of 65,000 honor, requiring 12 weeks to reach the 60,000 Honor needed to reach Rank 14 (assuming they remained at Rank #1 for all 12 weeks). In Season of Mastery, it’s possible for a player to progress through those ranks in 6 consecutive weeks. As in WoW Classic and original World of Warcraft, reaching Rank 14 will be a very difficult and competitive path to take. It requires overcoming members of your own faction to be the player contributing the most Honor each week. The difficulty of achieving Grand Marshall or High Warlord is highly variable based on the participation of other players, so there’s no guarantee that any given player can achieve any given rank.
We’re just speeding it up to match the rest of the content unlocks this season.

These are from the original blueposts.