PVP conquest gear question

Basically, should I favor haste over crit on conquest gear? I’m using Keefer’s Skyreach right now, and am not sure what favors what.


Versa > Haste=12% > crit= Mast

That’s the stat prio you want for PVP. And some might be asking “Visions, why would you go haste when you want to crit people in bonedust brew oneshots”

Because, sir, you get more procs for your Dance of Chi-ji with haste. It’s about 1.5 extra procs per minute per 10% haste. 12% haste also allows you to be much more aggressive in your globals while feeling very fluid in said globals. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference there.

Haste also allows you to play ascension and essentially never be missing globals because you’ll always have something to press & cycle your mastery with.

And use a 2h.


Hmm alright. I’ll make the necessary adjustments and go with that :smiley: Thanks for the response. This info is exactly what I’ve been looking for. One question though; what enchant should I use on my 2h after i buy it? Idk if i should get rid of sinful or celestial

Celestial Guidance. Agi has mroe value than 6% increased damage, especially when you’re trying to line it up for your bangers.

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Great. Thanks again. I appreciate it.

I have a question why a 2h instead of a dw when you get the extra weapon enchant though

Burst vs sustained.

2h makes your abilities chonk harder, 1h is for sustained pve white damage.

Shadowlands enchants aren’t really made for burst anyway, as they’re simple procs that provide a sustained boost. Lightless force isnt gonna make or break your burst window, but your BoK doing twice as much damage will.

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Hey sorry for the late response.

2h make you do big numbers and we all like bigger numbers.

YOu generally only really go DW as a WW is you have no other choice or because of the stats they can provide that 2h doesn’t. Also the SL enchants SUCK

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2h go brrrrrrrrr

Oh okay thank you for lettin me know all of this

Yeah I think we got some pretty good info from this thread. I’m glad to see somebody else benefitting from it.

I mean I can only explain so much on the forums and I’m too lazy to learn how to edit videos.

So it’s really the best I can do lol