PVP Camping

Just out of curiosity and of course frustration, I was wondering if our Horde counterparts are experiencing the same level of transport camping.

Typical experience of dungeons at the moment

-Fly to Menethil, die at Flight Master
-Get on the boat (perhaps another death on the way)
-Potentially die again on the boat
-Some open world PVP on the way to DM (this is actually quite enjoyable TBH)
-Port to IF after instance, die a couple of times to rogues looking round for PVP flagged Alliance players.

I always thought the pop may not be 50/50 and a bit skewed to Horde so I’m sure some Alliance players are causing PVP grief as well.

Are Horde experiencing the same level of camping in their major cities and flight paths?

I rerolled to Remulos because the writing was on the wall for alliance on Arugal and Felatriker.

Still login and camp tarren mill for an hour every so often before I level that one.

Good fun.

Have a look where Cove spends most of his day.

Orgrimmar Auction House and Kargath typically lol

To be honest all statics show thar after the free transfers Felstriker has a strong Alliance majority, even more so than the Horde majority on Arugal or Yojamba (which I think is currently the most balanced PvP server favouring Horde)