PvP alt friendliness

Now that we have uncapped conquest hopefully one day uncapped honor I think it would be a good time to introduce a Conquest box for alts for this season as its already at the point where most people are geared enough to want to play alts but grinding is pretty punishing of a timesink for almost no rewards. I think that after a certain time blizzard should really decide it is a good time to uncap things and let people branch out by offering alt tradeable items

I would also hope we could expand the heirloom system for PvP gear to include two kinds of trinkets which give a bonus for people not max level to kind of even the playing field a little more as well as a PvP gear set bonus for the people who really like leveling in Battlegrounds which could reward like full health for capping a flag in WSG or having ur vehicle destroyed in Wintergrasp could grant you damage immune for 2 seconds or Killing guards in AV could give a 2% move speed buff stacking or something just to spice it up a bit.


This would be awesome!

Queuing into a skirmish or random battleground is not very fun when you have a fresh iLvL and want to learn how to play the class. Your damage and healing output is abysmal, and your survivability is not existent, which can make trying the new class feel extremely frustrating, even to seasoned players. It would be nice to be able to funnel conquest gear from our mains to our alts so at least we have a fighting chance while learning the new class.


Not sure why they didn’t add the boxes when they uncapped conquest. It’s hard to imagine any reason that they wouldn’t want to add them at this point in the season.


Was kinda hopping they would be like whoops forgot heres 75% off boxes for conquest gear

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Conquest boxes are back!