PvP Against The Devs Today @6PM Eastern

So Blizzard does have scaling tech available in Shadowlands…


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Yep, it was active in the beta too. Basically scales all gear up or down to 213 while keeping your secondary stat choices and things like PvP trinkets active. Gear disparity being solved would take the flip of a switch that has already been developed and utilized heavily in testing. They could even keep the ilvl for rating in PvE content, the beta showed that the two systems can coexist.

But nah, they’ll just continue to gate the gear and even make it worse by reducing its effectiveness in PvE too.


Oh wow, I had no idea about that! It does seem like it would solve any iLvl issues…

Something like that… the systems seem to always be changing and something always gets lost in translation it seems!

It was fun! Some where better than others, riding in on Glad mounts and all. It was cool to see some of the new Honor talents in action. That Warlock Rift talent is really good at secluding a player away from the fight to trivialize them from helping their team. I didn’t get to see any Ice Walls though!

I suppose so. :confused:

They should all be forced to play warlocks for this event.
and they should only be allowed access to level 197 gear since they didn’t earn arena ratings.
Let them smell the steaming pile they created.

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Haha! There was actually this one Warlock during a BG whose character’s name was in acrylics (so they were a Russian player or what not), and they were actually really good! That player was using the new Warlock Honor Talent to perfection it seemed. It was awesome to witness yet infuriating to deal with.

And yeah, not being able to truly playtest the gear discrepancy was confusing, it didn’t allow an accurate representation of how Retail’s gearing actually works, when we were all equal iLvl.

They will be max raider gear