PvP Against The Devs Today @6PM Eastern

For those who haven’t seen (since it was originally posted in the ‘In Development’ section of the forums), we have a chance to play against the Devs in Random BGs/Arena Skirms today! They will be playtesting the new PVP changes of 9.1, such as the new Honor talents, removal of previous Honor talents, etc. The post does not elaborate on what iLvl the Devs will be, or anything like that. Just simply “Come help us playtest”. For me this is huge because we haven’t had a playtest with the Devs in a very long time, so hopefully this will provide an opportunity to give some insight on what classes outshine other classes and what classes are “dead PVP classes”, and all that jazz! So everyone make sure to bring your most OP classes to 1-shot them! :joy:

Just wanted to make people aware if you didn’t happen to see the announcement.

Let’s pwn some Devs. :sunglasses:


How do we know it’s them when we face them?

Can we copy our mains into the PTR realm to play?

Idea: get on your least geared/fresh 60 alt to bring attention to to the issue of iLvL disparity :smiling_imp:

Show up as a 135-140 iLvL in full quest greens, whatever it takes.


I am not entirely sure tbh. I would imagine that it’s just going to be a full group from the Broxigar realm? But they don’t really indicate that there is a way to know if you’re fighting vs the Devs or not.

Yes you can, you just have to have the PTR installed. You can copy your keybinds, and any of your characters that you want.

Great point, and I actually personally plan on doing just that! Going to be bringing in my 162 Ret, with Renown 29 and no legendary, just to see how quickly I get deleted and also display what a fresh level 60 with a lack of gear has to face if queuing into random BGs to try to get geared lol

They may show up in greens too and say everything is in order lol. Best of luck to team player. Rough them devs up.

Side note. Wouldn’t OP classes take it easy on the devs so they think their class okay ?
Like a rogue wouldn’t use their stun lock / death ability because they don’t wanna be nerfed ?


I see your point. That does make sense, although the only thing I would say against that is that we don’t know what iLvl characters the Devs will be bringing in, so for all we know they might have ilvl 227 Rogues or something insane like that, that will be stunlocking and destroying us. So who knows? :man_shrugging:

Personally, I’m going to be Convoking out of stealth as much as I am able to just to see if I can melt 'em or not lol.

I’ll also be bringing in my Sub Rogue for at least one BG to see how that goes, but not gonna hold anything back either!


Damn, the devs are playing their game for the first time.


So I ran a couple of BGs on two separate characters…Something to note was that all item levels were scaled to 213. So no matter what character you brought in, it was iLvl 213.

Haven’t participated in the arena skirms because IRL things, but I would assume that the ilvl is scaled there as well.

Haha, some of them were pretty good! They, or whoever was behind the screen whether it was a Dev or a regular player, were all pretty decent players. I got juked on Cheap Shots and Blinds often, usually by Shadowmeld!

In the one BG I played it was Deep Wind Gorge, and apparently Dmachine was playing as a Healer Priest (Horde side)? I’m not sure haha but if it was him that would’ve been cool!

did 4 bgs and all 4 of them alliance gy camped the horde in first 2min lmao was not even fun

Big oof, haha that’s brutal.

I played two BGs, on this toon we crushed them in Battle for Gilneas, but on my Rogue we played Deepwind Gorge and we got murked. The first BG had no Alliance players with Glad mounts, but the second one they had some players with Glad mounts and their skill reflected that for sure.

That’s too bad. I wanted the devs to see the huge gap in gear. I guess it may have been over a lot quicker tho.

I would hope that’s a sign they plan on something for the ilvl disparity, otherwise it’s very… interesting… that devs want to play with a static ilvl


Is this live? I’m not seeing it in effect in randoms.

Yeah. There were definitely very undergeared players in the battlegrounds, too. So they would have gotten rekt.

I strongly doubt they would create some kind of static iLvl for PVP, but who really knows anymore these days. Their systems are never static…

It was active during the allotted time, I guess? (It was on the PTR only too btw.)

This is the same buff that was active during beta. Why they haven’t realized that they can just turn this already made and tested buff on and solve all gear disparity problems instantly is beyond me.

Didn’t Holinka say that this is RPG PVP and gear disparity should exist. :thinking:

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The devs set a playing level field so they can test things. Can’t test things with huge gear disparity.

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How was it… are they good ?