Pvoker and pvp

i guess if blizz isnt going to nerf the 50k dps pvoker than ill just play one my self. If you cant beat them then join em. game has gone so down hill im surprised im still playing this trash can.

We getting a buff actually. :smiley:

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We talking 50k dps burst? because outside of fire breath into leaping flames they don’t really sustain dps


I genuinely have no idea what you’re talking about. I must be doing something super wrong because I cannot get near 50k dps. Like I can get a deep breath fire breath combo, but that’s a 2 min cd…

I’m pretty sure this is misleading and I should know, I’m one of the top 1000 Prevokers because I have a Solo Shuffle rating over 1248.

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idk m8 all i saw was a 50k dps pvoker after 1 of my ss rounds, i guess its the burst? but still a healer with that amount of dmg is kind of ridiculous

It’s a 2 min cooldown bud, and it is one of the easiest things to see coming. Sorry but if you’re losing because of a Prevoker’s Deep Breath, you might want to focus more on what you or your team are doing wrong. It’s a cheesey strategy that really shouldn’t work because there is a lot of time to react to it.


if a pvoker is dpsing that means they aren’t healing and are burning through their essence.

there is a lesson here.

I also, I think the only way a pvroker is going to sustain 50k dps is if they hit all 3 targets with breath combo… it drops off quickly.

edit… i just did some testing on the pvp dummy… best I could do was 31k dps in pvp gear. I’d love to learn how to double that.