Pve/roleplay guilds

Hello, i’m searching for a good pve guild on MG that does roleplay content also. I’m brazilian but the alliance here is pretty dead, like literally, 99% of the population is horde so i’m thinking about transfer my main character to a US server.
At the beggining i thought about going to stormrage since its a well populated server, however i do like to do RP stuff and you dont have it on stormrage.
So i’m thinking about joining a guild in MG that does pve stuff (M+/ raids and you know) but also does RP event sometimes.
Is there a guild who fits in this? And of course who doesnt has problems with my nationality because despite of that, i can speak english very well, talk on discord and all the stuffs.

You’re in luck because there are probably more raiding/m+ guilds on Moon Guard now than there have ever been- spend about 20 minutes in trade chat and you’ll see tons of advertisements! You’re more likely to find a good amount of them there, as few seem to check the forums these days.

Hope you find one!

Thanks for the information