PVE to PVP, Yes Please RIP SL

And Ion says…

PvP only

  • Someone who just does PvP or only focuses on one activity should get about 95% of the power.

  • WoW is a large game and there should be a slight edge for those who can show mastery in multiple fields

GG time to find a new game, I am done.


that sounds pretty reasonable to me assuming they can hit the 95% mark


Not really.

You should not have an advantage, because you have PVE friends to carry you through. Cough Cough, Asmongold, Cough

Nor should PVE give any advantage in PVP at all. We have been complaining about this very thing since Ion took over.

The Raiders, will not put up with for a SECOND some BIS dropping in PVP, did you not see how hard they flipped over CNS? So what this reads is, PVE to PVP, or BFA 2.0.

Also from another post, we see that top pvp gear is once again behind 2400 rating, so hella geared PVE players, will severely outgear, and lock arena down. You either get rating high week 1, or dont bother.


But, it’ll probably be 90%… or 85%… or 80%… or 75%…


At this point I’m just really hoping for PvE trinkets being disabled in PvP. I just know they’re going to put in these ridiculous trinkets a patch or two in which are way stronger than 5% that become mandatory and farming them on multiple alts while being gate-kept by “must have aotc” groups because I don’t raid is awful.

Or even just an incentive to rock 2 of the PvP trinkets. There should be a set bonus for having 2 PvP trinkets that increases your damage to players or decreases your damage taken from players.


If you can’t beat a mouth breathing PvEr who’s only 5% more geared than you then the gearing system isn’t the problem broski


There is lots of PVPers who pay for, and or get carried by their friends. Even a few who probally enjoy high end PVE.

So your argument is moot. Not every PVPer is gate kept from PVE content, or doesn’t like doing it.

So a similar skilled player with a 5% gear gap is a hard wall.


I have a feeling the 95% number is just to placate people. The power gap between pve & pvp gear will likely exceed 5%.


We actually heard that number before, in Legion and BFA, both times that was a lie.


What’s even a 5% gap?

5 ilevels? Same ilevel but slightly worse stats?

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Good question. Likely 5% raw power though, not ilvls.

They probally say things like Dres trinket, is only a 1% dps increase, so thats 1 of the 5% :P.


So raiders must reach glad inorder to get the BiS Rings?

Yes, let’s do that. Seems only fair.


Except that wont happen.

it could be legendaries and covenants are the other 5%. Realistically though, if they don’t have increased ilevel in instanced pvp most people will have to m+ for gear again since the majority of pvpers aren’t 2400+.

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If we had 75% right now the game would be good so I am not even mad

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Welp they already said that you will need to be 2400+ to get the best pvp gear.

So ya, nothing is changing.


I actually don’t mind there being minor incentive for PvErs and PvPers to participate in the others content for min maximg

Only BfA is a problem where 95% of PvP gear comes from PvE

If it’s like a piece or two that are bis from pve it’s chill but it’s been absurd all of bfa

PvErs can PvP for minor upgrades (BiS azerite, conflict, bote but random bgs feel like PvE tbh) and it’s not too bad for them in BfA.

If you can get 95% power from PvP it’s fine imo. You can compete while never PvEing if that’s the case. I’m more skeptical of it being 5% power from PvP though and 95% from PvE like in BfA


In a system where pve gear competes with pvp gear in instanced pvp. Actually if devs had half a brain cell it would be immediately evident that once the first batch of players get their high end arena gear all subsiquent players climbing will be going against full mythic geared pve players in order to get their higher end pvp gear. What does that look like? play some BFA arena on a fresh 120 that hasnt done pve and try to gear him. So SL is basically BFA reborn.

I actually think a system where u get minor power boosts when u reach a rank is a good system if pve gear cannot compete, and in that way its unlikely u will fight a 2400 rated geared pvp player at 2000. Unless they fall really far off the wagon. But then again maybe devs will bring echoes back and they will drop to farm it. U never know what those sneaky devs are up to :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


75% for 500 , Alex


Yeah, it’s just that we’ve been lied to so much and have had so many promises fallen through. It’s hard to have even a shred of optimism.