"Putting the Gore in Gorgrond" Can't get last two story lines

I’m doing Draenor Pathfinder. I’m stuck on “Putting the Gore in Gorgrond.” I’ve completed “We need an outpost” and “Power of the Genesaur,” but I’m not offered “Strike While the Iron is Hot” or “The Sparring Arena.”

Note, I’ve only done enough on this alt in Draenor to get this part of the pathfinder done. I “fast” leveled her on Draenor, skipping almost all of Shadowmoon Valley except the garrison. My main has done all the rest of the pathfinder achieves. My main has not even gone to gorgrond yet so I didn’t want to spend the time. My alt has a level 2 lumber mill but hasn’t done the quests offered in the mill. This alt has only done a few quests in Shadowmoon Valley, notably NOT the one started by Vindicator Muraad within the garrison.

So my question is, what are ALL the prereqs to get “Strike while the iron is hot” and “The sparring arena” after you have a lumber mill? Is it doing all the quests from Vindicator Maraad? Do I have to do quests for the lumber mill? Do my followers have to do some missions? I only have a couple so far.

I don’t want to give up on the alt and start Gorgrond on my main only to find out my main won’t be offered those last quests either.

I think you may be confusing the Draenor server with the Draenor zones. I would recommend asking this in the Gameplay -> Quests forums.