Put layering back on arugal

Nyz my dude you need to relax. Telling people to “f off” is not going to do anything but get you suspended.

The removal of layers is a good thing. Just get a remote desktop app to log you in before hand to avoid long ques or any ques. Problem solved.

im not trying to be a jerk just pointing that out for others

refer to post 14

And another retail troll post …


Yes, put laying back on. I have 133 minute queue right now. I’m going to completely miss prime time because of it.

My guild is established on Arugal and wont move. I shouldn’t have to move servers. I shouldn’t have to mess around with remote desktop access.

Blizzard, fix this and put layering back or you’re going to lose subs. Mine included.

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Not going to happen. You have an alternative.


I’d rather have layering on than turned off. I’ll happily sit in queue for 2hrs if it means logging into a vibrant server.

Layering needs to be more dynamic. On from 6pm - Midnight.
Off the other 18 hours.
People won’t renew subs to sit in a queue.
Remote logging only fixes your issue. It doesn’t fix the original issue of not having enough servers at relaunch.


its easy

they lose subs either way then.

or they just leave layering off, like they promised. it impacts world pvp and world bosses.


Man, IF is packed… never seen so many Alliance…

I’m enjoying the salt and tears. They make such fine seasonings to cook with.


i think the best part is blizzard has been warning about this for literally months and people still are blindsided by it. i remember several people saying their would be queues after layers were removed (including myself) and others saying that wasn’t true, they would just keep the same server caps, just without layers.


I just logged into Felstrike as an alliance and had my paladin parked in the AH.

There was 1 alliance in the Stormwind AH. WTF.

There is no way i am xfer to a dead hole of a server.

Back to remote desktopping…

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did you try going to IF?

LMAO my trade chat is full of NPC chats from Topper McNabb and Aedis Brom. /2 is dead.

Felstriker is a dead server with no alliance why xfer there as either a horde or alliance.

This forum. Smh.
Reroll, quit, or shut up and wait your queue out.
15 years. You’d think players would know to have a back up server by now. Nah. Daddy blizz will fix it. Blitz makes dreams come true. Lol. Wow. Just wow.

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This is the problem I have about transferring. I’d rather transfer than wait in que, but whats the point if there isn’t anyone else there to play with. idk how else blizz can incentivize people to transfer to lower pop servers.

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