Pushing the Limits of Technology

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Also, yeah, pretty much the same conclusion I came to.

The rest of classic? When has blizzard polled the players on Benediction to see what their preferred solution would be? You can’t say people sitting in queue would not be ok with and extra server or 2 added cross realm into the main server if you haven’t even asked.

And sentiment from posters on these forums or anywhere else is not a way to get accurate numbers on what people would or would not want. It’s why we don’t have RDF when personally I do not think a poll would have voted over 50% to remove RDF from wotlk. Yet alone over 75% like RuneScape does to make major design decisions.

I’m not going to toot my own horn, but I’ll raise these points.

None of know how Classic was ported over. It’s easy to say, “Hey don’t you know modern standard is XYZ”, but anyone with significant experience will know it’s not that simple. Each approach has pros and cons. And sometimes you need to mix and match.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself that should be thought provoking.

When a person moves about in the world - let’s call it player state, how is that remotely tracked vs other players?
How are layers implemented? There are multiple layers per realm. Now, how do player position/attributes talk to each layer or multi faceted realm - if at all? How is player “state” maintained across all services? Let’s say this is extremely performance sensitive. Splitting these kind of computations may not be possible. It’ll be too slow. You mentioned buzzwords like “sharding”. Replication takes time. As you said, this is the cloud. Along with convenience comes lack of flexibility also. If things are load balanced, you may not get to “choose” which service you talk to. So how do you manage state then? Especially in a performant manner? There are also limits that you can hit.
Now with these questions asked, imagine what happens when you log in. What happens then?

So let’s think about this for a bit.

I think it’s great you take interest in this stuff btw. But it’s a far more complex problem than people realize. It’s problem that every game has struggled with.

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Yes we do, because they explained it somewhat thoroughly at BlizzCon 2018.

No one has credibly oversimplified the technical issues or underestimated the associated costs. No one here in good faith wants to antagonize Blizzard in general or the Classic team in particular. But, by the same token, some of us have chosen not to countenance misleading information like this:

And to dismiss irrelevant non-sequiturs like this:

And to rebuke insults like this:

And to declare threats like this as unacceptable:

And to highlight the issues they deliberately choose not to address:

The real crux of the issue is that this claim may be true today:

But historical guides tell us that it will not be true tomorrow. We are warned that:

We are trying to warn them that far more matters to us than the state of affairs today, and that if they truly:

They’re going to need to adduce evidence, today, not that these realms will remain that way, but at least that these realms will not become prisons in which one plays single-player World of Warcraft or produces $25 on top of one’s monthly sub, per character, to be released.


Or… the playerbase plays classic and not retail because we absolutely hate cross server play.

Ever think of that?

yes, but the community did not want xserver

I didn’t want it either but their incompetence has shown through two expansions now. Would rather just have this solve everything and be done with it.

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It’s clearly obvious blizzard is doing the bare minimum when it comes to server maintenance. or just general fixing their broken SH!T. Their groupfinder is super buggy, their servers are laggy, their Auction house is laggy/literally unusable at times due to the annoying internal auction house error.

Why should bene or grob get to decide to force the rest of us to be sharded, you guys made your mess you deal with it, the rest of the servers don’t want to be sharded with you.

Blizzard doesn’t owe you any gurantee, nor do they own asmon or any of the other braindead streamers anything, you all went to Mega servers by choice, you made your bed now you deal with it or quit, either way you made your own problem. Stop whining, and stop being entitled

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I remember telling you once that if you don’t want to hear my whining you don’t need to be here. Do you need a reminder?

we didnt make our mess. Blizzard made the mess for allowing unassessed transfers. Of course people want to transfer off their deadA$$ realms. You honestly cant blame people for wanting to play the game with healthy amount of players. Blizzard didnt lock the transfers until what…6 months later? And then opened them up again when bene was STILL FULL. They have monkey’s working at blizzard. It’s gotten so bad over the past 10 years. #day1beneplayer

Oh I don’t, i need you to stop whining like an entitled little brat like your buddy asmon, neither of you have the mental ability to understand how servers actually work, both of you are clueless fools with zero factual information except the desire to prop up your own fragile useless egos. Do us a favor and go away.

All servers don’t have to be connected in order to use any amount of cross realm technology to increase capacity. They can have server clusters. Regardless the point is they should poll and see what the actual sentiment is. If the vast majority of people on Benediction would be ok with a new server being created that is cross realm with Benediction there is not reason not to do it. It does not affect anyone on any other server.

I didn’t want RDF removed and don’t believe a poll would get enough support to remove it, yet here we are.

Also if Blizzard really cared about the mega servers they would have stopped $25 transfers a long time ago. You don’t get to take people’s money and then wait until everyone has paid you and created a disaster to say ya you should undo that and let us keep our $25.

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