Purposefully neglecting feral?

Does it seem like Blizz is purposely neglecting feral in particular? On twitter wowhead posted the dps classes chart for the new season and feral is near the bottom. Also the Dragonflight feral trees aren’t looking too good. Half this forum is talking about how feral needs a bit of a buff or some help, but there has been no response while other classes have gotten changes and buffed. What gives?


Another week goes by with more changes to class talent trees and druids still get silence.


Idk, but maybe it’s time to main a new class that’s soon to be out, Evoker!

It’s pointless to idle and wait for something to change, you can only adapt to the circumstances. Should it be this way? No.

At the end of the day it’s about profit, and right now, profit isn’t really an issue.

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Still waiting to see what they release for monk trees to decide what I’m doing.
With the lack of response and the overwhelming, unified feedback on things that need changed, I’m fully planning on shelving my druid in DF.
Horrible pathing and points wasted in the druid trees as a whole, feral just continues to get the shotty end of the stick.
Unless there is some iteration made by a dev that actually plays the spec, or any spec other than maybe Resto, druids are going to be a cobbled mess of wasted potential in DF. Still crossing my fingers for changes, but also not expecting much given the last couple Alpha/Beta cycles of feedback given with little to no response on Feral.


No they’re neglecting druid entirely, the most recent post about alpha build changes and not a single mention about us is quite telling. To make matters worse they included Monk and that class hasn’t been officially released yet.

More like its time to speak with my wallet. As a vanilla player, I find the ongoing silence and the complete lack of even a single acknowledgment to the druid community unacceptable.

Neither am I and it will be the first time in nearly two decades I unsub all my accounts.


It would be nice to at least get a “we hear you” type of post. Right now the feed back among a few of the larger issues have been largely the same, that being Brutal Slash’s placement/function and also the Build-a-Berserk concept not working in execution. Could at least start there and then move forward to the other things.

Again just them listing out here’s some things we’re going to look into/adjust would be a big relief to Feral players.


I used to think that the design team of druid is made of idiots that’s why this class is designed so poorly. But recently after I reviewed the DF feral talent, I found I might be wrong in a different way.
Feral might be designed for pvp not for pve. Seems the purpose of designing the 4 specs is like tank, healer, dps and pvp. So feral is only for pvp, not for pve.
I’m not saying this is a good design, it’s pretty silly. But I would like to see how this will be going, at least, this is still an innovation no matter how idiotic it is.
Regarding the topic, I don’t think it’s on purpose. You can’t ask people to do something they are not capable to do, even if that thing is their job.


Im in the same exact boat if nothing is changed.


One of my biggest peeves about the recent alpha patch is this line in the warrior changes (you know, the tree that came out last week):

*Changed some pathing to try and make synergy groups clearer.

Looks at brutal slash still required to get to apex :neutral_face::neutral_face:


I think feral is in a bad state for PvP too, when I que up I’m always expected to be boomkin lmaoo. but one of the pvp ferals Snupy posted about the state of feral in dragonflight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhv9uM1AZTM&t=239s&ab_channel=Snupy so maybe Blizz will listen since he is a pretty popular streamer


Is there even a druid dev anymore? can someone verify that they’re real?


I could be wrong, that’s just a feeling when I saw the talent tree. So I guess maybe that’s the intention, make feral only for pvp. Otherwise the designer would be just a pure idiot, like the one designed guardian.

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pretty sure it was the same person, who either doesn’t play druid or was given like 10 mins before they unveiled the talents to slap it together


If you go back to that wowhead post and re-look at it, feral was 3rd on the boss damage list.


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not gonna lie I am playing feral for wrath and im enjoying it, thought about making my main feral in DF. But everyone keeps saying the talent tree is messed up and they are only decent in ST :frowning:

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Like mentioned, they’re neglecting Druid entirely since they announced their trees, it’s kind of pathetic seeing Hunter get 10+ Blue posts while Druid has had their tree out for the longest and hasn’t even gotten a single one.


we dont have anything new, aoe talents are stuck behind BrS, our basic energy ability costs 4 talent points, our 3min cd which doesnt offer much compared to other 3mins is split into 4 now all over the tree, one 3 point talent basically does what one of the beserk talents does


A lot of us, myself included, have posted about this many times. It’s so wild to me how much communication and change some classes are getting.

We aren’t the only ones being neglected, but we’re definitely the only ones without a response.


Is it just me or is the lock talent tree like 4x bigger with way better pathing between almost every node than the feral tree