Purple Murloc Mount?

It’s got to be fake. They’ve never offered recolors for sub bundles of mounts that they already released with sub bundles. The murloc and the fish? There’s no way.

Also, the link in your OP says it’s in-game shop.

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The green one that’s a 12 monther also says in-game shop. It’s a catch-all generic label they apply it seems.

Old one is ingame shop and it was 12 month.

new one says ingame shop but isn’t in shop… I wanna buy it gimme.

Yeah, I’m skeptical as well. That doesn’t make it worth buying 12 months.

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Good point! Guess I missed that.

I still don’t think it’s going to be a sub mount.


I hope it isn’t because if it is that’s silly unless they start doing 3 month promotions then it may be ok.


Yeah it would definitely be a 0 incentive for me since I have the fish and the green murloc already.


Most mounts just sit in my collection collecting dust anyway.

might be another 12 month reward thing

It seems this subscription have 4 mounts for retail?

Two purple mounts? Void expansion? Time to explore space, twisting nether, and void infested planets! :face_holding_back_tears:

Ngl I hope we have another 12 month offer.

For me at least it’s been a huge blessing not having to worry about buying tokens or worrying if I’ve got enough for month to month.

It better not be, I do not want a recolor of my already 12-month sub one. Just shove it in the trading post or the store for $25, but please do not set it up as another 12-month sub.

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Serious question though; where to buy that bear? I don’t think it’s part of 12 month sub.

It probably can’t fly, but still it’s purple and cute! I must have it…

Man really wish this super cool mount was obtainable by doing some cool content in game. I sure would love a first of its kind murloc mount. God i love playing this subscription based game!!! :smiley:

There’s a fire owl mount off mythic Fyrakk in 10.2. That’s the “cool content” mount.



Welp it is

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Do we have any other mounts based on humanoids?

Indeed. From what I understand though, we get 2 for one, maybe because of that.

I don’t think so.