Purification Protocol Hotfix Incoming

(Kaivax) #1

We’re working on a hotfix for how this Essence works in some affix situations:

  • Purification Protocol’s rank 2 major effect will no longer cause an annihilated enemy to trigger Bolstering, Bursting, or Sanguine affix effects when it dies.

It’s a unique effect, where Purification Protocol Rank 2 sometimes causes an enemy to be “Annihilated” – instantly killed. We think that’s cool and fun, however, it can be frustrating in Mythic Keystone dungeons when you sometimes need to very carefully plan for the Sanguine, Bolstering, or Bursting affixes when killing enemies.

We’ll let you know soon after the change has been made live.


Does the effect work on raid bosses?


I instantly annihilated an Animated Guardian today. Was great.


I personally hate Sanguine, Bolstering and Bursting affixes and rather see them removed…

(Kaivax) #7

The hotfix is now live.

(Saángreal) #8

Bursting is especially bad on underrot. Sanguine in Ataldazar. I’d prefer a generic level key without a dungeon attached to it.