Purchasing the ability to fly

I’m just looking for general information… I’ve been a die hard fan for years, and I stopped during cataclysm and returned for BFA which I very much enjoy! But there is one area of the game that is extremely frustrating for me, coming out of Wrath of the Lich king. The ability to fly… to hit the sky’s and see the world from above… I’m an especially employee with all of this Covid - 19 stuff and I work 60 + hours a week. I don’t have the time that I wish I did to grind out so many achievements and reputations… and I have earned so many flying mounts I feel I’m missing a big piece of the game as my friends who aren’t working or hardly working fly by me or have to carry me, I feel so limited… I guess I’m asking if there will ever be a way to purchase the ability to fly? It’s not pay to win as it’s an earnable achievement… but I’d like the ability to fully Experience flying outside of old zones… and would happily pay for it.

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Are you asking your fellow players? Because that’s the only ones who would respond. The developers don’t, not here, and practically not anywhere else. And they don’t very often tip their hand about future development direction, until some kind of formal press event.

So, since you’re asking me, I rather doubt they’d make flying purchasable. It’s a prime grind, and grinds are good (to Blizzard).

But that’s, like, just my opinion, man.

^ Pretty much this.

Sadly I do not see Blizzard removing the rep grinds. Maybe they will if the number of active subscribers dip below a certain threshold, but who knows? They are pretty stubborn on these issues.

Unfortunately, I feel you are right… A was thinking the same. Honestly just had the need to put the question out there. At least I feel better now lol.

Just know that you are not alone in your wish. I enjoy questing but these rep grinds are painful (boring) and really take the fun out of the game. Stay safe. :slight_smile:

Like, Scoobs, we gotta get outta here, man!

But that’s, like, just my opinion, man.

All jokes aside, I agree with this.