Purchased faction transfers. Received confirmation. Transfers not available in game

Hi… I purchased 3 faction transfers from the battle.net client this morning… received payment confirmation from my credit card company and an email confirmation from Blizzard that the transfers would be available the next time I log into game. It’s been a few minutes, and the transfers are not showing up in game. Usually, these things happen almost immediately. Please advise. Thank you!

I do see this order, but it’s very fresh.

Have you fully relogged since the purchase - including the launcher?

This may just be an update issue.

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I closed out wow and battle.net both a couple of times. The order is definitely only a few minutes old… not a big big deal of course… just use to that kind of transaction taking seconds. Why I thought something might be wrong.

It’s been a couple of hours and the transfers have not shown up. This is highly unusual. Any update?

Transactions can take up to 24 hours. If, after that time it still hasn’t appeared, then open a support ticket for Purchase Failure and the GM staff can assist you.