Punishments for cheaters should be greater

A few weeks ago i somehow got the attention of probably a gm to check the case of darkmoon decks on illidan .
i threw a challenge " try and sell a darkmoon deck at any day , any time and the same person will repost on top of you" .
a day or so i got a mail from support saying a person i reported got punished and the bot dissapeared never logged again.
After 3 days some freshly boosted account started pumping decks legit way on AH , fine by me .
after 4 days of doing this an account shows up with a similar name to the one that got banned and started boting again . After doing some research it turns out the freshly boosted character that was crafting decks stopped posting as soon as the new bot started posting .
Anyways here we go again in less than a week another AH bot replaced the AH bot that got banned.

Feels like the punishments are too light if people can just keep on doing that , when are we getting some real punishment some good old hardware ban or something , this is getting ridiculous .
And the sad part is that the bot is even making fun of blizzard by naming his new bot account with a similar name to the one that got banned basically taunting blizzard lax cheat detection.

It took 3 threads and 5 months for blizzard to catch an AH bot that is boting ludicrously .
At this point am struggling with the question what is even the point of reporting .

I wonder if we will have the technology one day to send someone a slap. Maybe they should do Uber but instead they drive over there and slap the person. Instead of Uber Eats, it could be Uber Slaps.

Tell me who was botting, I’ll send them an Uber Slap :wave:


hello Mr , gnome , sadly cant say the name of the bot , the uber slap is a great idea trademark it before some goblin steals it from you.

But it is frustrating , hundreds of reports , 3 threads and 5 months to catch a bot that is obviously cheating in the AH and in less than a week bam same guy appears .


The standard policy is that they do not tell you what actions were taken against another player.

This doesn’t check out to me.

Also when it comes to bots, the bans tend to come in waves, not 1 at a time. Sometimes it takes time, and then suddenly they all get nabbed,

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This is a standard canned email response, not actually an acknowledgement that a specific player got banned. They send these out occasionally when you report someone, far earlier than any investigation could have been completed. Unless, of course, I suppose, an investigation of that player was already in progress.

I have received emails like this immediately after I reported someone for something that would have taken time to investigate, and hadn’t reported anyone else in months.

The purpose of the email was to keep reporters reporting. Giving you specific information about actions taken against a particular player would violate their own policy.

They banned the account, what more do you want them to do - or realistically - what more do you think they can do?

(fwiw, I fully agree it’s frustrating trying to compete with bots. I wish blizz were faster to ban individuals caught botting)

Hardware ban maybe ?
its sad that the same guy appears yet again a week after he got banned and does the same thing yet again bot in the AH .
I can understand how lucrative it is bot for 5 months gain millions and millions mail gold to other account rinse and repeat .
Hardware ban should be a great way to add another layer to the punishment cheaters get.

It would be nice if they did that. Maybe I am cynical here but doing it the way they do it means every 5 months the botters all need to buy the game again and sub again. It’s nice padding on those subby numbers.

Yeah , he just went and bought a new account with a lvl 50 boost , boosted the account , lvled up the profession until he got darkmoon decks and rinse and repeat .
Blizzard detection is too lax, also for those saying blizzard doesnt give details, yeah they dont but dont you think its mighty odd the bot ive being monitoring and reporting dissapeared as soon as i got that mail from support ?

That doesn’t work the way you think it does.

You got a canned response from your ticket, that doesn’t actually mean something was done, or what you wanted done was done. Reporting the same person a hundred times doesn’t actually improve the chances that you’ll be vindicated by getting the results you wanted. (though bit of a warning if you continue to report said person after they sent that message might result in actions taken against your account for harassment.)

Re this blue post:

One of the most relevant sections is this:

“Real money trading drives third parties to put an enormous amount of effort into circumventing our detection systems. As much as this is a very high priority for us, it is the only priority for profit-driven botting organizations. The bans we issue are simply a cost of doing business for them.”

They can action one account and minutes later another account is made, boosted and then they are in business again. It’s an ongoing battle.

Easier to defeat than a ban…

Of course then what happens in the person sells the computer to someone else, now they can’t play through no fault of their own?

it’s kind of creepy your stalking a bot in a video game in the first place lol. bout as bad when people go looking up people all the time. who cares there’s way to many ways to make gold to even care anymore or i guess quit whining about crappy expansions and not playing expansions like wod and you’d still be rich to this day with no worries. it’s impossible to get rid of so go play the the game instead of stalking bots in a video game.

Generally speaking this is the case.

They’re not gunna say “Jimmy got a 6 month ban for botting”, but they will send out messages like “due to your reports actions have been taken against an account that has been breaking ToS”.

i SUPPORT the botter and i think blizzard is racist to attack botters many are just trying to make a living. Check your legit privilege

You should report the next bot and the next bot after that too. Because they never go away just FYI.

What did you expect Blizzard to do, hire a hit man to take out the botting player?

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I asked this question on another discussion app and got reported for 'real life threats" :laughing:
some folks just dont have the mental capacity for humor.

well, Im sure blizzard does what it can to deal with bots…but like with my websites being hacked…if they want in bad enough, theyre getting in.
Its just like criminals…you cant really stop them before they commit a crime 99% of the time. Dispensing justice is typically a reactive thing.

Just stop worrying yourself about it, have fun playing and report where you see a cheat.

Something to consider as well, is that every time a botters account is banned, they have to pay for a new account to keep up their activities. That’s money for Blizzard.

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Dont you guys believe someone boting in the AH something as popular as darkmoon decks would make blizzard atleast check ?
I mean the bot literally wont let noone sell darkmoon decks no matter day or hour he is on reposting on top of you.
Its so bad that everyone left the market beause noone is able to sell ,only 3 people post darkmoon decks including me and out of those 3 only 1 sells, the bot.