Punish Key leavers

What about when you know that the group cant even finish the dungeon and you gota leave, instead of wiping over and over

Wiping is what makes most people leave keys, not what makes all people leave keys. I have never once in over 700 keys had people pull for me. I’m not saying it doesn’t ever happen, but it can’t happen that frequently. People leave for all sorts of reasons, but wipes and deaths is #1.

or, remove the key depletion to a lower level if not completed. if players want to drop the key level there is a npc for that.

No, some people need to taste failure and not be given opportunities to only go up by getting carried. Especially with valor farmers, there are an astonishing amount of players with +15 and up keys who have no idea what they are doing - Class/spec rotations or Boss mechanics. Clearly been carried and will only go up higher if they remove depletion.


Don’t join in the first place?

loosing time and having to restart is more than enough.

also, its more reflective of things like “The Great Push”

it wouldn’t be an issue of players leaving keys and needing some sort of massive debuff to indicate toxic levels of non commitment. or trolls being able to join a key and leaving less than a min after the key stats. not even wipes.

Most idiotic idea ever- how would this even remotely not be open to abuse???

It is my right to leave a crap team, a toxic team… what if there is a medical emergency in RL- or even Amazon delivery at the door?!

Seriously OP, pull your head out of your @ $ $

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This literally makes 0 sense… if we cant even make it to the first boss without 10 wipes or party members cant do simple mechanics then im leaving, sorry but idc about your feelings im not wasting 2hrs on a key with ppl i dont know at all

It’s not when they shouldn’t have been there to begin with.

How often does this even happen? We heard some “stories” over the forums, but we know for a fact people will exaggerate or spin things to fit their agenda. People’s accounts on the forums is not usable data. People don’t leave keys that are going well enough for it to be overhauled.


the leaver or the key holder that has no control over what other people do or dont do?
maybe the “social contract” will make leaving against the tos. instead of making it happen be a non issue. :upside_down_face:

and as far as how often, doesnt matter. when it does, it makes you want to make a ban list so you never run a group with them again.

Group leader has tools to view another player’s experience and history. If they choose not to use the tool then that is on them. You are still ignoring that the key holder in many of these cases are the ones who shouldn’t be in that key level to begin with. They didn’t earn it, they got full on carried.

How often absolutely does matter. Getting 1 person who legit trolls and leaves at the start in 10,000 keys versus 1:10 paints a much different picture.


which is useless as you say “they got carried” which is why it looked like good xp.
prob should have taken people with low xp.

key holder, shouldn’t be running keys ever, got it.
two of the ones i recall it happening in were like +7s. everyone was over geared. you would have to not be pushing buttons to not clear it, or, have someone leave less than a min into it.

but anecdotal evidence is in admissible in the court of public opinion.

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Not what I said, but nice try trying to twist the words. It took you a long time to think of that response. I said the Key Holder didn’t earn the +15 because they had no idea what they were doing in terms of class/spec rotation or any of the boss mechanics. They should not be in a +15. They should be running lower keys until their skill/competence improves.

Explain to me why the Key Holder would look themselves up?

Gear means almost nothing. There are players who can’t time +15s with full 272 and others who time +15s with 250.

If that is the case, I have over 700 timed runs of anecdotal evidence and hundreds more of untimed/incomplete. My data shows that only 0:1000+ keys leave at the start. Only 1:50 leave mid run. I mean unless your anecdotal experience can top my experience.

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that isnt what i said or meant. you look up the person and they happen to have high keys cleared. guess its should be a red flag if they apply to a low +7

Not with uncapped valor.

Seconded. Someone leaves a key maybe 1/100 runs. Only had one person ever leave a key after start and before a wipe, and that person was a forum regular who hates on leavers so :man_shrugging: maybe trying to force the narrative.

Im any event, if your keys are falling apart on the regular, maybe fix the problem instead of trying to make a system where people are forced to carry you.

Edit: the royal “you”, not you-you, Sôsari


Ok guy :ok_hand:

Wasting 4 other people’s time is justified in all circumstances?


Punish tanks and dpsers who abuse healers!

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when is it fair game to leave then?

yesterday i was stuck in a plaguefall on last boss. wiped 6 times. at first tank didnt stand in green circle and then once we fixed that we realised healer didnt have the HPS for it either.

i felt like ppl were right to leave at that point :wink:

*how do you even reach m+15 without knowing basic stuff … that i dont know but apparently it happens.


With uncapped valor anyone can have high gear.
With people being able to buy runs anyone can have high IO and a solid m+ history in general.

Those “tools” and IOnas a whole is absolutely useless. So how is a group leader supposed to pick the best people for a run?

They can’t.