Punish Key leavers

So this thread is still going eh?

Just scrolled back to the first post out of curiosity, can’t believe 71 people actually ‘liked’ this post :laughing:


It was sarcasm directed at the OP trying to hold people hostage in keys

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Glad someone understood it lol

They were blaming me saying it was my fault they were getting feared and was not “dispelling” them also saying i was not healing them lol but regardless they were being so toxic and i left because im not putting up with that.

71 boosted gamers.
“i want to get carried for free, don’t leave my key”

Ay boo boo, pay up and you can AFK that 15 while me and the boys 2time it.
We get gold and you get a timed key, win win.
The sad part is that they are the “vocal minority” all they do is cry cry cry like babies, eventually they will be heard, which is sad.

This song is so depressing during that cinematic!

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But seriously if people are leaving your group enough for it to be a major issue maybe you should start thinking about if it has anything to do with you instead of the game.


It’s a slippery slope adding that kind of punishment… because sure it would annoy some people, but overall if you are in a run where they wipe repeatedly, or someone AFKs or just a group of toxic people… you should be able to leave that. These things happen far too often to just punish people for leaving. It sucks and you would hope when making the group you’d one shot everything… but that’s rarely the case when pugging.

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ya, it’s often bad players who are trying to redirect blame once they realize they might get made.
I hope you learn to laugh off these types, that’s what my friends and I do.
I wager your situation would have made for a hilarious chat screenshot down the road though :rofl:


Warzug? I remember you!

One of the better " oh **** " moments in all of gaming

I don’t regret starting my Warframe experience since my 9.0.5 hiatus at all, speaking as a proud Wisp / Drifter main

Depends if they are paying me for said loot.

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Honestly, people just logging off after flaming someone for stupid reasons is the icing on the cake. The last one was fun.

They rushed the lead, started ranting about how slow he was finding people (we only had melee and there were only melee in group/no buffs), largely ignored mechanics/took the most damage from everything, half caused a wipe from foxes on Mistcaller, then logged off the second we wiped.

Really just 10/10 behavior. Pugging sucks, but most of us have to do it.

ok and people who die 20 times pre first boss dont get to do keys for 48 hrs. :smiley:
remember to common factor to all your failed keys is you.

That is such bs take and you know it lol

If so many of us here are saying that we seldom have people leave our groups isn’t it a good idea to look at why people are leaving yours (not necessarily you but an individual) so much more regularly?


lol no its not. youre is an entitled take tho. go prove your own worth and improve your own game. you barley time 12s bud its not a them issue its a you issue.

entitled and lazy people dont every self reflect. i only improved and started timing most my keys once i stop blaming others and blamed myself and my own misplays

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That’s a hardcore debuff. I know a few times for whatever reason I could not control my character and froze. I didn’t intend to abandon the party. I got kicked which was appropriate. I think a 30 minute deserter debuff is a good way to go. Not everyone deliberately sabotages a party.

If the shoe fits, get another one like it?

What makes you think wiping is what make people leave keys? I did a Gambit 18 Saturday and when we got to the casters everyone still wanted to pull extra “because reasons” but no one wanted to kick the casters. They didn’t want to kill Ur so my pally would at least get an extra toll here and there for some kicks. They complained and I pointed out they weren’t kicking spells to start with why would I pull an inspired mob into a relic pack with 2 casters? Then we get to the last boss area and I pull one pack…hunter pulls another and the warlock pulled a 3rd. At that point I just left them with it. If people are going to be dumb, it’s not worth my time to stay.

And to think Gambit is usually a dreamwalk after the murlocs.

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