PTR Zombie Invasion Stress Test -- Friday at 8:00 a.m. PDT / 11:00 a.m. EDT

They bowed to the carebears and any impact an undead invasion was going to bring is gone. It’ll be just like any other day now.

Maybe they have time to add a mini-game where the ghouls can knit sweaters and escort the fresh 10’s to the quest mobs.


Unpopular opinion here I know but if there isn’t an “opt out” then the nerf had better stay. Forced PvP needs to stay out of the game, that’s why WM was invented. I don’t want them to nerf your “fun”, just keep it in WM where it belongs. :speak_no_evil::see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:


I don’t know, I think the sweater knitting mini-game Blammo mentioned would be a great addition. In fact, it should be required to complete 5 sweaters before you can regain control of your toon. It should even persist through log-outs so there’s no escaping it.


you as a company folded to the whiners… im so sick of everything thats fun being nerfed because of a few whiners… thats my feedback ty


watching your tears will be fun: see you in shadowlands

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God your toxic. Go ruin another game.


I’m a bit concerned this “stress test” means this is going live sooner than the end of the month. Test the zombies, do wth-ever, but for the love of god get it over with and start fixing game breaking/halting issues that are being reported multiple times per day here, so that your largest ever squish isn’t a complete, unmitigated disaster.

My original reply got deleted, probably because I used a few swears, so hopefully this will be more palatable:

In all seriousness, this is how you are going about testing changes to a 10 year old recycled prepatch event… On Friday, of Labor Day weekend, starting at 11 Eastern, you are going to do a stress-test on a watered down version of a prepatch.

Who came up with this idea, and which higher-up greenlit it? Your organization has your heads way up in the clouds.

Nobody begged for a rehash of this event. It comes off as extremely lazy. Then you nerf it in such a way that nobody who actually played through the original event is going to like it, and those that didn’t won’t get to experience what it was.

And you are gonna “stress test” this Friday morning on a holiday weekend where most people leave town and celebrate the last hurrah of summer before its gone.

What are you thinking? Blizz, ask yourselves how many bad decisions had to happen for this to not only become a “good idea”, but the one you decided to go with.

The answer to that is “more than one”. Time to clean house!


This guy sure says carebears a lot…


Wholeheartedly agree!1

I was seriously excited for the event when I heard it-- I could actually experience one of the most iconic events in WOW history!-- but the way it is now is just a total disappointment. I flat out don’t understand why people can’t just take their business to any one of the capital cities (complete with vendors, auction houses, banks, and more!) on every continent in every expansion. This was a really neat event, and I would really like to see it be that way again.


I think that would be a good compromise. Strong zombies, but only in WM.


The idea that some fraction of people were complaining about being swarmed by Scourge and to have it “fixed” is appalling. That’s not how invasions work. You don’t just brush them off like “lol no go away undead” and expect the scourge to ignore you.

Now the core portion of the pre patch is obsolete and useless. It’s one thing to bend the knee for good fixes. This is not one of them.


That’s exactly how I felt about it.

Keep player ghoul interactions vs other players to WM-only, but the NPC ghouls should still work normally.

As-is, the changes went a bit far.


Fixed for ya.


I would rather play Fallout76 then this event now. Sad day, having some spots of immunity to the scourge would be fine but this is makes the whole thing irrelevant now. I cant stand pvp outside of world pvp due to its bland nature after so many years but through strife and the conflict of actually fighting scourge players, human controlled monsters this could have been amazingly great. Would I get mad, yes, would and enjoy it possible. Imagine actually feeling a sense of dread in this game.


This is extremely disappointing. Blizzard failing to commit to an extraordinary event and instead opting for a boring “harm” no one approach.

We can’t even have fun for a week if it isn’t “fair” to everyone.


The problem with the pre-nerf event was griefers spread it to every city on the map.
There was nowhere you could go that didn’t have zombies spawning, and non of the other cities had argent healers to cleanse players of the infection.


That was week 1, week 2 the ghouls were restricted to EK and kalimdor. Only real way you could go beyond those locations was by going on a boat. But I believe that also got patched.

So there were cities you could chill at.

In 2016 did you scream at the sky? im almost betting you did… 2020 is gonna be LIT. you better thank blizzard that they nerfed this i dont think your fragile psyche could handle any more than whats gonna happen in November…