PTR Up? Down?

For the last 1.5 days, I get “world server is down” or “disconnected from the server” when I attempt to enter WoWPTR with any toon on any realm.
I deleted and re-installed WoWPTR. No change.
Any status data, or suggestions?

Guessing it may be the ptr is being disabled to make way for the imminent Alpha testing.

Who’s on Alpha?
(Or is that “Hu’s on Alpha”)

As far as I’m aware, there’s only the encrypted data open to the public. Might be a change after maintenance.

There’s also the recent page for signup.

I sometimes get in but then can’t hearth or portal

The only characters I have been able to log onto were those who are either in Stormwind City or Orgrimmar, and even that isn’t a guaranteed success every time. Class order halls are inaccessable, as are Boralus and Zandalar. Blizzard, if you really are going to close down the PTR for Alpha/Beta testing soon, just do it now, don’t waste our time with this whole “world server is down” nonsense.

Link to post in Support. Unless they’ve removed server resources, the world servers probably need a kick (restart, feed the hamsters, etc.)

I have been able to copy a level 20 from live over and played to level 25 and a half with no problems. give that a try.
apparently accepting quests, using the AH, using transmog has been affecting the game. mine started thursday with character with that name already exists, friday it went to transfer not completed, then into world server is down.
and the voice proxy loads for a minute then unloads before it can log in a toon ( voice proxy has to load for your toon to login), wish they would move it into game as an option and take it off login.

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I’ve been poking around in the PTR (Broxigar server) for a bit earlier and tonight (2-26). World server seems stable with no instancing errors so far, so all interested should give it another login.

If anyone else is confident the game is stable, please call it out, and I’ll update the Support thread.

it’s doing it again