PTR Stress Test Tomorrow

Getting closer to pre-patch I hope.


Hope in one hand, Blizzard promises in the other. Which one smells like dog crap?

Shh, we need more ‘sky is falling’ ptr not happening, chatter.


I’ll be there.

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Anyone in ptr, set up some 40v40 wpvp.

They want a stress test, give it to them. :grin:


Hope is never lost… if all goes well tomorrow the the 6th is a good bet.

No, we don’t want the server room to catch fire!

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The 6th is a good bet regardless. Because it was always going to be the 6th :smile:

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Just have an intern waiting with a venti coffee in case it starts a fire.


I really hope so. :crossed_fingers:

Well, we aren’t getting further away. :slight_smile:

But I am less optimistic about the 6th now.

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This is like the best thing posted here all day.

OH and you know :heart:


They need people to completely shakedown the PTR while they have all the tracing and logging turned on to see what is breaking.

I guess it’s cheaper than Q&A?

But seriously, not sure if this is desperation because they can’t fully regression test internally or if they’re making a big push to see if the server will stand upright when people come swinging back in on pre-patch.

I think it all depends on how things go tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

Internal testing goes so far, when you open it up to thousands more that are playing at any given time with the size of the game. They’ll discover more to fix, or stuff that would of slipped through the cracks. Stress tests now seems fine IMO.

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Well PTR is down now so hopefully update incoming. :crossed_fingers:

Maybe get another RC?

New build is back to Release Candidate!

The countdown clock is starting to get real.

Yes it is and I can’t wait!