PTR Stress Test -- Sept. 30 at 12:00 Noon PDT and 7:00 p.m. PDT

GIVE US A DATE!!! please blizz when ptr comming ?

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Hopefully we’ll have something we can kill, as we had with Nomi in 7.2!

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Everyone needs to relax, seriously. It seems the majority of this community have forgotten we are literally in the middle of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Most of these companies are working from home. There are challenges to overcome with that drastic shift in workspace environment.

This does not apply to Florida residents who have apparently beat COVID as they have decided to fully reopen their state to “normal” status.


I dunno, marketing a game beta for potential new users seems idiotic to me. Instead of treating it like some prize to be won through contests on sites, actually give to people with a history of helping. I am an addon dev, with addons that have reached over millions of downloads, I am on every single PTR testing their crap for them, getting my addons working, testing the API and reporting bugs.

You would think my history would have some value to them but nope, no beta. I actually need beta to get one of my addons working that I can’t do in PTR but that doesn’t matter, I gotta sign up to twitter to try and get lucky with some random contest wowhead is throwing. I know people in guild that got beta and they logged in 1 time to “check it out”, they aren’t interested in testing. I haven’t logged into retail for more than 2 minutes over the last 2 months, i’ve spent hours and hours in PTR though, i’ve leveled a few chars 1-50, testing out the new leveling experience, finding and reporting bugs with chromie time ect. Blizzard has to know what accounts are quality testers. It just frustrates me. Now instead of enjoying the game like everyone else I get to spend the first month of expansion working on parts of my addons I could only do once the expansion drops.


I’ve been invited to virtually every Beta since Wrath of the Lich King. I’m no mythic Raider, heck I’m not even a Raider at all.

Just your bad luck?

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I would encourage anyone who plays on Illidan or Tichondrius to try to get on for this.

Who knows we might actually get to play on launch night this time.

For those that don’t recall, the “greatest launch ever” saw our servers down until 12 AM EST (so basically the entire night), to the point where folks were 120 before we got to start - and missed out on the entire “free” war mode xp (factions were split for most of leveling).

Seriously. The entitlement in some posts, SMH

Hell ya!@@ we rock !@@@ florida resident

Is no one going to mention how they asked us to do this before and then basically didnt show and couldn’t keep 100 characters logged on and never said a peep about it?

What HAPPENED with the last stress test, blues? Because it was the smoothest non stress gameplay on me and my connection and my machine Ive had in like 6 years.

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Oh! I love the stress tests! They are always so much fun hanging out with the other testers, and doing crazy stuff.

Looking forward to it!

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Why isn’t this on the launcher? That would be an excellent way of disseminating this info…I found out about it through a tweet from Wowhead…but i only made a twitter account to try to get into Beta…plenty of people don’t have twitter…I just think it would reach way more people on the launcher, and so bring in more testers - which is the whole point.

“…as much time as you can spare us” ? Have you PLAYED World of Warcraft? On the scale of how much time I’m going to “spare” you, I’m somewhere between ‘several hours’ and ‘my wife is going to divorce me and take the kids’. What I’d like to know is will Blizzard, at some point, begin offering pro bono family legal services because if the hype surrounding Shadowlands is real I’m going to need it.


Anecdotal just like yours and the previous poster.

I’ve never been invited to a blizz beta.

Well I’m copied over to realm and ready to logon later for the test.

I hope the people whining about wanting their prepatch do the same so we can help the developers.

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i cant even stay logged in for more than 7 mins on current without getting kicked. I AM MOST DEFINITLEY STRESSED

agreed, people need to stop whining and do our part as members of the wow community… if we all help test we will be doing our part and the devs will have the data and the knowledge they need to ensure this game we all love and play (if you can even say the people complaining 24/7 have any love of wow) will launch both the new xpack and the prepatch smoothly. so stop whining and get on, AID THE DEVS and you will hopefully do something useful instead of wasting everybody’s time… that is all.


Let me hear your war face.

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you’re gonnna be playing anyways. stop acting like your time is valuable on a game rofl

I’m here because it was on the launcher. Looks like you got your wish. Perhaps just a delay in getting the information out.


Guys don’t hate on Blizz, they are doing a killer job at trying to get this up an running in time, this stress test is probably the best thing for now