PTR Patch Notes - WoW Classic Version 1.13.5

AFAIK you already have your confirmation that many of them are not /will not be in game at launch.

It all goes back to profit motive. I’m sure one of the executives asked for it after hearing about potential data mining ad revenue across user devices. Still don’t know if I’m going to unsub because of it. Classic is starting to feel more and more like retail.

Hey! Here’s the best idea for protecting player accounts: BAN GOLD FARMERS AND BOTTERS! They’re organized crime, little more than hackers who steal credit card #s then hack back into the accounts they’ve sold gold to and steal the gold back out again.

You get bank chargebacks because these hackers use stolen credit cards to fund their gold farmer accounts, and the offending players who buy gold get banned after they /petition that they’ve been hacked.

The servers are overrun with queues and lag, game resources are drained and AH/server economies are ruined. It’s bad all around!

Or make it easier for Blizzard to continue their 15-year tradition of taking big dollars in payola to do nothing but look the other way…

This comment here just gave me AIDS … please blizzard, ignore this and don’t make the game cake easy as it has been already. Ya’ll are overestimating AQ40, just like ya’ll overestimated BWL.

You should stick with retail. You appear to be lost. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

Also you are misreading the question - probably because of all the meds you have to take because of your ‘condition’. I wasn’t asking FOR, I am more asking IF.

You know, for planning purposes. Should guild invest in X or Y. It makes sense to have the recipes given the size of the server, but we can get 15 soakers geared up without them.

You stay classy Illidellshus, and thanks for stopping by!

So checking out PTR recipes, enchants, etc. for NR we find:

Leatherworking NR recipes ARE in the game.
Tailoring NR recipes are NOT in the game (including cloak).
Blacksmithing NR recipes are NOT in the game.
Head/Leg NR enchant from ZG is NOT in the game.
Quest for NR ring using Abyssal Scepter is NOT in the game.

Doesn’t make sense that LW recipes would be in but not the others. I know these were added in patch 1.11 or later as well which has some bearing on when you release these things for classic, but some consistency would be appreciated.

Thinking about it… would actually be cool to not have the NR recipes in the game and have pre-nerf C’Thun in the game for like a month before they nerf him and give us the recipes.

LOL. And with these AV “fixes” alliance is officially done with AV. It’s dead.


PTR down? I was trying to run a group tonight but it appears that is not happening.

EDIT: It’s back

Oh dam is the change that makes the blade of eternal darkness a 2% drop instead of the current 0.2%? I just looted it earlier this week (took 6 months). Maybe I should have waited until this patch lol

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They’re going to have to come back and fix the horde cave respawn situation at some point.

Anybody that’s ever played more than a few AV will realize quickly that these changes don’t affect the horde’s current 99% win rate meta.

Until Blizzard changes horde cave respawn situation, AV will continue to be a disaster.

I’m just hoping that we don’t have to wait another 6 months.

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We’re 1 month from AQ. Not worth grind AV for Don Julio or the SP tome or Lei. Horde queues will keep going up till AV is completely dead for ally. Pugs will just have to eat the losses against premade in the other BGs.

If Blizz is changing the BG to fix things that result in unfair play, there is no reason not to move the Horde cave back.

#nochanges is out the window, so please do the one thing that will actually make the gameplay fair and the BG competitive.

Obviously the current position was unfair because it was moved in TBC.

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It’s worth it if it’s the best you can do. But once exalted, Alli never comes back to AV.

We thought we wanted AV, but our actions clearly show that we don’t.

Why wouldn’t someone?

I realize this might seem impossible to some,
but not everyone owns a cell phone.
It’s my understanding that you have to have one to use an authenticator.

When my friends with authenticators play at my place, they have to respond on their cell phones to be able to access their wow accts. IF I had an authenticator I could never join my friends when we play at one of their homes.

Personally, I like to play with a couple of rl friends. I certainly would find it a REAL inconvenience to not be able to do that.

At this point, it’s a very small handful of people. For that handful, you can get a physical authenticator keyfob off of eBay for pretty cheap, or get a cheap used iPod touch which runs iPhone apps but isn’t a phone (wifi only).

Also, you only need to use your authenticator once per PC you sign into as long as you launch Classic from the app. Assuming you have a laptop, after you sign in with it the first time you won’t need to again until you reinstall your OS.

You have instant ques if you want rep just stop dragging the games out.

I know I am probably going to get flamed for this - “we need to ban bots, bla bla”

but what about the healing/damage done category in battlegrounds from the ptr, is that coming or did they cancel it

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: please don’t attack me for asking a question just because you are part of the sweaty #nochanges group - i am just a casual that is interested in this change :slight_smile: