PTR Offline for Further Fixes -- 6:30 p.m. PST December 17

Our raid was able to figure out the cause of client crashes on PTR currently. Everyone within combat log range of someone who is casting a CHANNELED SPELL that doesn’t have an EXPLICIT TARGET causes everyone to immediately crash.

Spells that does this include: Mage table, warlock summons, warlock soulstone, druid hurricane, hunter volley, druid tranquility. We have tested all of these and they crash everyone besides the caster 100% of the time. Every time.

This is pretty significant. No one will be able to test anything out if this continues.

Thanks everyone, we are looking into this now. Unclear if we will be able to get it resolved tonight or not at this point, but we are actively working on it.


more than just this is causing crashes

Just walking around Shattrath City and doing nothing also cause crashes

Probably because of what I mentioned above: someone has casted one of those spells nearby.

It’s looking unlikely we are going to be able to solve this tonight. This plus another few crashes we’ve discovered are likely to make raid testing pretty difficult, so we are likely going to be shutting PTR down shortly and will be looking to reschedule our raid test for a later date.

For what it’s worth, this is the result of some of the backend changes we made that we alluded to in our dev notes for this week. This was a pretty large under-the-hood change and these issues are the exact kind of thing we were hoping we’d catch with a PTR. Obviously would have preferred it to not be this severe, but we are glad to have the data and reports in any case.

We intensely appreciate your help today, however. Please enjoy your weekend!


I’m hijacking the title of this thread to make it as clear as possible that the PTR is offline.

Have a good weekend.

Dang, I ruined the fun. Don’t take it down completely :frowning:

I logged off FF14 for this!

Can you add some clarity as to the length of the outage? Does this mean it’s down for the entire weekend? We have a raid planned for Sunday - as you can imagine planning ptr raids balanced with live raids and the Holiday week can be a nightmare. Help from your guy’s end would be greatly appreciated.