PTR Known Issues - November 22

(Kaivax) #1

We have some known issues in the latest build of the Visions of N’Zoth PTR that we’d like to highlight:


  • Eyeball Issues – A bug with eyes in several models is being addressed. Noticeably, Night Elves with the ‘Night Warrior’ look don’t have the correct eyes on the PTR.
  • Vulpera Missing Ear Options – Specifically the Female Vulpera.
  • Male Mechagnome is missing a hairstyle.

Allied Race Intros

  • During the Allied Race introduction sequences, players will lose their cursors.
  • The Mechagnome intro will stop on a blank screen.


  • Zidormi is placed inside Shrine of the Two Moons – This means that level 120 Alliance players who access the updated Vale of Eternal Blossoms via the main Visions of N’Zoth questline will be phased into hostile Horde territory.

All of the above will be fixed in a future build of the Visions of N’Zoth PTR.

Super-Important PTR Mechagnome Oversight! Fix Immediately!

Does this really need to be fixed? I mean, the Vale under assault should be a place of madness! Just give Horde players an equivalent and actually stick to your guns story-wise for once.


Vupera Missing Full Shoe

there, fixed that for ya.

(Reese) #4

Are Human Female faces a known issue? They are different on the PTR compared to live.


Worgen faces that contain glowing eyes are still missing the glow effect in this PTR build.

More broadly, it’s ridiculous how Blizzard hasn’t communicated with players at all concerning all of the new worgen model issues. Despite being reported in-game, on the Bug Report and General forums, on Twitter, and other places, the same unchanged issues remain on every PTR build.


^ This. I get wanting to rehaul the eyes to actually have an eye layer but we look atrocious the moment we step into a shadowed/darkened area. Please fix it.


Vulpera Missing Their tail markings as well, however they have yet to be implemented as of any build. Only shown on Wowhead

Also would like a toggle for Vulpera wearing boots. Many like it full boot and others like the ankle wrap. Toggle and everyone wins!

I prefer boots, the claws sticking out looked amazing

(Tobias) #8


Don’t forget the cloak change looking awful. The long cloaks were absolutely awesome before hand. I’m genuinely upset by this change and I haven’t had much passion in my diet for around half a year, lol.


Yeah, the mini cloaks are terrible

(Portergauge) #10

In case it isn’t known, a few NPC skins also have their eyes completely missing, notably high elves, and dark rangers for both night elves and blood elves.

(Albricksen) #11

Are Worgen ever going to get proper glow effects added to their glowing eyes options, by any chance?

There’s also the issues with Running Wild casting animation audio (most of the time, Running Wild is silent when cast) and Worgen missing footprint decals when running and using Running Wild at full speed, among other bugs related to their new models and animations.


Pretty sure it needs to be fixed. People don’t put warmode on for a reason, that is they hate PvP. Why the heck should people who don’t want to PvP be forced into it.


Warglaives of azeroth are still unable to be transmogged by anyone.

(Virden) #14

I can’t reactivate the forge of origination. There is nothing to interact with on the third floor.