PTR is up now!

What the title says! :slight_smile:

It’s up as in you can sort of log in, that is. This PTR build is very broken and extremely unstable.


Yeah, tried logging in this morning to test a few things (Fury Warrior sheathed weapon is still displayed weirdly when on a mount), and I kept getting disconnected and… I have been afflicted with an Aura of Despair while sitting idle in Orgrimmar.


Before the holidays, I suppose there will be another build, which is hopefully more stable and will add a few new things to test.

I had like a dozen or more permanent Aura of Despair debuffs last time I logged into PTR. I’m wondering if that is a possible cause for server instability.

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I tried logging in last night and this morning. I can’t load into the world no matter what, just says world server down on all the servers.

I did have a chance to try the Follower Dungeons in an earlier build and thought that was great. I hope they extend that feature to heroic and Mythic 0


I’m thinking that the server instability problems are in fact being caused by Aura of Despair debuffs, and it’s causing MASSIVE memory issues because the debuff is getting applied to practically everything. It’s almost certainly a memory leak issue caused by this debuff.

Something they did is causing Aura of Despair to automatically get applied to players and NPCs.


Blizzard: I thought of a wonderful present for you.

Me: No.

Blizzard: Shall I give you despair?

Me: No no no!

Blizzard: on your knees, I want you to beg for forgiveness. hands out Aura of Despair to everyone and everything

Me: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! FUUUUUUUUUUU! loses connection to the server repeatedly


It may be up… but it is a being held together with bubble gum and scotch tape. This is the jankiest build I have ever experienced…


And it is apparently being haunted by General Vezax’s ghost as well. I did some Google searching and Aura of Despair is apparently one of his spells.

I’m not certain how a debuff from an Ulduar raid boss ended up permeating the entire game.

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Just tried to log in. I was in for barely 3 minutes before I got kicked out again. My character had 1/1 health… Quite interesting. xD