PTR Feral Druid Rebirth

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I don’t, because almost everything about Switch Hitter requires leaving my current form to do it. And that’s a non starter. If they had super buffed whatever abilities or bonus you gained for doing it MAYBE I MIGHT have thought about it. But they didn’t. So, while I was hopeful for Switch Hitter when I first heard about it, upon getting the finalized version… It’s very definitely an automatic “whatever the other trait is” pick.


This has been their modus operandi with ferals for a while now. In legion they nerfed us into uselessness at one point and it took six months to get even get a reply and it was done in the EU forums. Blizzard has gotten worse on the communication front since then so I honestly don’t expect much of anything now.

I’m willing to be surprised but honestly, they started with a utility nerf on a spec that needs help with utility, they are not off to a good start.


Affinity talent?
This design has a significant use of cauliflower and KFC.
(cauliflower=Restoration KFC=Balance)

Really inflexible to Ferral and Guardian
Simply stupid design

Bz developers are lower IQ than expected, and seem to live only in their own ok world.


Can we get a class developer to explain the class changes and reasoning for Feline Adept and Ursols Adept? There has been nothing but patience exemplified in this thread and as we get into raid testing with no blue post, I grow monumentally worried about what their plans are for Feral. From a subscriber standpoint, the only information we know is in data mined patch notes/ptr testing. Blizzard, we are in the dark completely on this one. We have absolutely no idea what you are doing with these new passives. I really urge you to look up the Rebirth patch notes of Legion. Just look at what you learned. Are we really going to repeat this cycle?

There are a few other valid points other posters have brought up in this spec related to bear form things in non guardian spec. While these scenarios aren’t something I find myself in often, I can certainly see the use-abilities for this and I urge you to take a look for players that play the game for different reasons then me.

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I’m considering playing monk now. I’m not having fun on my druid anymore.

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Is there going to be damage increase for this? The 8.1 changes ware a wash performance wise, more of a play style change than any performance or utility buff.

So were still hurting a little on damage and utility in m+, there really needs to be something were getting in return or real good explanation as to why.

My biggest concern is there is no explanation. It’s an unintended side affect with no internal documentation so they don’t even have a baseline to discuss it or raise the issue internally.

(Cyous) #68

Looks like it was a Dev’s Choice change.

It’s like saying “I think X is okay as is, and changing it won’t impact anything major.”

As noted, I don’t really follow the logic to the nerf, but at this point – blindly accept it was intentional, regardless of whether or not you agree with it.


thank you cyous for your input massive respect for everything you do for the druid community xD. I mean I guess we just swallow the poison. I just feel very saddened by this design choice tbh. Further changes to make other druid forms vanity more than being a druid.

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We have been trying to get a reply/reason for this forever and they have just ignored all of it no surprise really. It really does seem like a pointless change which is why we wanted an explanation but nothing,


If cats have to leave cat form to cast rebirth then the only fair thing would be for every other non-druid spec with a brez to be forced to enter a ‘brez form’ before they can cast it.

Seriously though, this sounds like yet another negative change that doesn’t enhance our playing experience.

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The problem of the change is that nobody and I mean nobody can figure out why feral has to come out of form to cast Rebirth. It seems like its just there cause some developer wants it there no other reason. Can’t say its a dps thing since balance is dps doesn’t have to come out of form. We have to stop attacking anyhow to cast it so it cant be cause we can attack while doing it (guardians is instant i kinda understand that) the fact that they aren’t even giving an explanation for it is even more frustrating. Maybe they think you cant have it all and yet guardian and balance do.

It the nor explanation that’s even more frustrating then the fact that its even happening. I truly believe they are giving no answer cause they just want to let it blow over, or even they don’t know why they this is happening.

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They don’t give answers to a lot of things, but especially ferals I feel. If there was an explanation/reason for the change, then we could talk about that but right now it’s just frustrating for the feral community to be left in the dark.

I understand that they fired a bunch of community members but I really miss seeing blue posts on the forums. It felt like the blizzard employees actually played the game and they felt like fellow gamers.



Blizzard has lost all touch with the community it was once so close with. We are left with a massive void between customer and company.

I worked in customer service for 12 years, and the customer is always taken into consideration. I know that this situation is slightly different, but it holds the same principles. Blizzard needs to involve the community to save the community and its game.

Im afraid that blizzard is on a destruction path they soon wont recover from. All the community wants is some answers. And the lack of commucation is disgusting.

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um I didn’t read whole thread but I’m pretty sure this is being done to punish resto druids pushing like 18+ keys dpsing in cat form too much on tyranical bosses so when a dps derps up and dies they now have to spend 2 globals to brez(or even worse punishment when tank dies) and if they want to go back to dps then a 3rd global for cat form again.

I’m assuming it works the same for resto druids in cat form. Like they can brez in cat form right now but resto druids on the ptr can no longer brez in cat form.

not saying its fair but that’s what i gather at least.

(Liger) #76

If that’s the case, then feral spec should be an exception like how guardian is. No other spec can cast brez in bear form other than guardian.

(Rautha) #77

really? i thought the tooltip said castable in all forms but i could be wrong I don’t play druid.

also how does rebirth work in arena?

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Gotta read all the changes to all the specs included in Druid in the PTR notes to be completely up to speed on what these folks are talking about. They are referring to changes that are proposed to be coming, not what is currently live.

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You can’t rebirth in ranked pvp nor arenas in general. Ranked pvp and arenas you need a regular rez. So the upcoming PTR changes to live are not changed b/c of pvp.

(Rautha) #80

that’s a big duh. I know we are in the ptr forum. I provided input why possibly the devs say rebirth can’t be cast in cat form on the ptr unlike live. because resto druids are abusing cat form in high m+ and adding 2 globals to it is pretty punishing for that abuse in that environment.

that seemed to be the big complaint, no rebirth in cat form edit while other forms are untouched for other specs.

(Nuisense) #81

Read the following, note the LACK of Feral having Rebirth included in the NEW Feral passive aura, while Guardian still has it. Realize that Liger was responding to your reasoning by asking for the Feral Aura to include Rebirth like Guardian’s does, and would thereby exclude Resto Druids from using it while in cat form.


  • Soothe, Remove Corruption, Moonfire, and Rebirth are no longer castable in Cat or Bear form by default.

  • Feral Druids now have a visible passive learned at level 22 that allows Remove Corruption and Soothe to be cast in Cat Form.

  • Guardian Druids now have a visible passive learned at level 10 that allows Soothe, Remove Corruption, Moonfire, and Rebirth to be cast in Bear Form.

    • Developers’ notes: Guardian Druid is limited in its practical ability to use some utility abilities while tanking, and we’re loosening that restriction by allowing Remove Corruption and Soothe in Bear Form. We’re also cleaning up Druid shapeshifting rules slightly: the use of magical-themed spells, in Feral forms, is allowed by passive upgrades given to Guardian and Feral specializations specifically. This represents their special mastery of their “home” form that allows for limited spellcasting, and from a gameplay perspective, this allows Feral/Guardian Druids to use spells in form where there is a strong practical need. At the same time, there are situations where there is no fantasy justification or gameplay need, and spellcasting might be more restricted. For example, non-Guardian Druids can no longer cast Moonfire in Bear Form.