PTR Feral Druid Rebirth


I’m gutted by this and wish it was an oversight. Terrible move.


We expect a blue post on this blizzard. This is a massive change. Even feline and ursol adept should be described with the goals with these changes outside of datamining. What is the goal of this change? I’m trying t be level headed and not a huge dweeb here but feral and guardian are already under represented specializations. For feral, this change seems like a drastic oversight. Unless you add a new utility spell or two to feline swiftness (maybe give every druid spec maim with feral affinity but give us fiery maimers and innervate) just first thoughts from the head but its just to emphasize more than what i suggested that we need utility. if your going to take this away from us I hope your giving us something cool in return. something really cool.


While this change is obviously stupid, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg in how bad the current state of feral is.

We play a spec that has existed since launch, and we pay the same amount of money as every other class. The treatment of the class this expansion is just not acceptable.

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Feral got hosed pretty bad with with the azerite lottery last tier. Only one piece of azerite gear from BfD with magic WF, JF combo. And only two pieces with CS-Mastery combo. So you got to go buy the loot crates for two slots from M+ and just hope you get something else usefull.

Really doesn’t seem like they’re designing gear for anything specific. Just a bunch of random stuff and let the chips fall where they may. If the gear works for your spec, you’re OP, if it doesn’t you’re trash.

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I think that’s a statement on the failings of Azerite gear more than it is on Feral. I don’t think you’ll find anyone disagreeing there.

Feral is in an okay place numbers-wise. Not the most amazing in any arena but competent enough in both ST and AoE that we won’t embarrass ourselves.

That being said, two things we lack are burst, and utility. Berserk isn’t a terribly impactful CD given it’s 3 min CD and that makes us not very desired on M+ or on raids where a particular add needs to be melted or there’s a burn phase mechanic.

On the Utility side we really just have Soothe, Roots, and Rebirth. Stampeding Roar has niche uses in dungeons and is better in raids but it’s more replaceable than a lot of other unique utility like Grip. Roots is good but tends to be over-shadowed by the hard CC Monks and Rogues bring. (Also I love how our own hard CC, Hibernate, has virtually no good targets amoung all the dungeons.)

So our only pieces of Utility that truly shine are Rebirth and Soothe. If this change goes through, Rebirth will become the clunkiest spell ever. Every other brez will be more desireable than it. And while Soothe is nice to have it A. Won’t get you invited to groups on it’s own and B. Magic purge is better because of the Shadow bois in King’s Rest. Most other classes that have similar Utility to us both have more utility besides and can do what we do in a less clunky way. Feral doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table.

So why on earth would you nerf one of their few good points on the utility side? Whoops, accidentally let Feral have a useful piece of group Utility. Let’s fix that.


if you have perfect azerite traits and are a great player, then feral is okay number wise. Compared to other classes which are far easier to play and have great numbers.

What is the rationale behind cyclone being a pvp only spell? That would be an easy way to give feral some utility.

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100% agree. Azerite is probably single biggest issue with the game right now. Rented abilities in loot crates that screw up class balance and provides monumental frustration and sense pointlessness to a lot of specs.

That being said…
The other utility, depending on the affixes, is off healing. It can really make or break an M+ run that’s teetering on the edge. If nothing else, just using your free heal to top off the group allows the healer to DPS more.

It’s cumbersome to use effectively, basically you need to us heal bot are something similar to one press heal party members efficiently, but there might be something in the battle healing role that’s worth expanding on.

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I’m actually not unfamiliar with this. I have my Regrowth set up as a mouse-over macro and when my guild is doing fights where the healer’s are struggling I put more mind towards putting my Bloodtalons Regrowths where they need to be. I’ve done it a few times in dungeons too.

Usually though I don’t put the effort in since it’s a lot of effort for what is usually an unnecessary gain. I do like having the nifty piece of utility though so you got me there.

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A lot of the time it might be pointless and focusing on damage is best. But things like last week with quaking and the got to kill them one at time 'cause they blow up affix were really tough on pug’s that aren’t used to running together.

Those two affixes are brutal to tiny coordination mistakes and can get out of hand real quick. Helping keep everyone topped off is essential. The next time those two come up I might go resto affinity because on more then one occasion I found myself OOM after having to pop out of cat and going full out healer.

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Well I guess there goal is to continue to ignore us until we just stop posting. Same thing they did for the class mount that we don’t get to use till flying is introduced. Unless of course we go the old world.

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What else is new? At this point my goal is to keep this thread near the top of the forum and hope that a CM accidentally clicks on it.


Friendly reminder we have no explanation for the roll out on our new passives x Adept for feral and guardian. Still waiting on justification on this issue as its a spell we’ve always had as a class. I don’t understand why feral is losing bear moonfire as well. Legit makes zero sense. What is the point of being a druid anymore? are these other forms purely cosmetic?

didn’t ion say at the end of legion spec design has overtaken class design and they don’t like it. this seems like they are trying to emphasize the specs and take away from the class again. I don’t understand the motivation.

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I’ve renamed this thread a couple of times. My first title was “Official” PTR feral rebirth and the “official” part got edited out by a forum mod, which I get b/c this is ptr but I didn’t want a bunch of different threads talking about the same topic. Instead, I want to keep it all together for easy discussion.

I’m surprised no one is being concerned out about this? This makes more non-sense than ferals losing rebirth in cat form.


Hello as I’ve said I’ve tested this you stay in bear form on ptr when casting rebirth. Feral is the one that loses is in form. If you don’t have rage on ptr you can hard cast rebirth out of bear form like on live as with every other druid spec in humanoid form atm. But you don’t get taken out of bear form. I had some poor soul jump off the pyramid to help me test lol

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You weren’t required to have 30 rage before you were able to cast in bear form? I know you can leave bear form and hard cast rebirth, but while being in bear form (not guardian spec) when I was testing, it didn’t force me out of bear form. Instead, it required 30 rage for me to cast rebirth which then immediately shifted me out of bear form after I met the 30 rage requirement when casting rebirth.


So are you talking about being in bear form as a Feral Druid? I haven’t tested that but I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever been in bear form trying to cast rebirth in m+ if i have threat i try to just do a quick dash and rebirth and stay in cat form. The only thing I think this would be really useful in is maybe wpvp but I dont know anything about that.

If your talking for guardians. This is the behavior since the beginning of BFA. PTR is using rebirth exactly like live. If your in guardian specialization there is no removal of bear form either before, during, or after the cast of rebirth. It costs 30 rage on live as well. I have not tested bear form rebirth in guardian affinity in another druid specialization though. I may try that after raid tonight.

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I am not talking about guardians at all. I tested out every way to rebirth in all specs and forms. I posted my results.

Rebirth is not only used in m+s, and there are situations that put not only ferals, but other non-guardian specs in bear form.

Here are some situations that you might not have thought of:

  1. Raiding: Tank goes down, any druid spec with guardian affinity goes bear form and temporary tanks while waiting for a brez to be available. Rebirth ready! casts rebirth at 30 rage only to be knocked out of bear form while probably holding aggro on a boss and then probably dying before brezing a tank.

  2. Dungeons: Tank’s down, no brez ready. Kinda like above^^

  3. World Questing, World Bosses: ^Kinda the same concept above.

  4. Random BGs: Your healer dies, you go bear form to reduce damage and wait for a chance to rebirth. You rebirth when you have 30 rage and rez, but it kicks you out of bear and you have to hard cast it. You’re now open to cc’s like hex/sheep and will probably take more damage even if not cc’d. You’d probably die.

  5. WPVP: ^Same thing like above.

This whole rebirth thing seems like a mess on PTR. However, the way it is on live currently is fine. It’s not broken.

Take a look at my results with an open mind. You never know when interesting situations pop up. Also, I am still dumb founded that non-guardian druids require 30 rage to hit the rebirth button only to knock them out of that form.

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I’m not surprised this is a thing now. Blizzard has steadily been driving a wedge in the “do everything” fantasy of Druid shapeshifting. Started in Cata and it seems to be entering its final phase in BfA. Truly has become Battle for Abilities for Druids.

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Which is odd because at the same time they seem to want us to be flexible? I mean, they give us the Affinity talents and then Azerite abilities like Switch Hitter.

Be honest, do you know literally anyone on the planet who has ever taken Switch Hitter? Because I sure don’t.

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They seem to be answering other small question why not this :frowning:

Maybe we should put clarification in the title they seem to answer those