PTR Feral Druid Rebirth

(Liger) #1

NEW UPDATE: 6/21/19 (summary at end)

Feral druids while in cat form will be losing its ability to cast rebirth in their main form. Guardian druids are able to instant cast rebirth in bear form. Moonkins are still able to cast rebirth in their main form, moonkin form. Resto druids shouldn’t really have a problem using rebirth in humanoid form since that’s the form they heal with mostly.

Ferals have lost predatory swiftness proc to instant cast rebirth (We no longer have instant cast rebirth and we are not asking for it back). Instead of having PS proc, rebirth was changed to allow cat forms to cast rebirth. And now that’s going away. Rebirth will kick ferals out of their main form, while every other druid spec can cast rebirth in their main forms.

If this goes through on LIVE, you will most likely see many ferals refuse to rebirth if there are other brezers in the group. The reason why we refuse to leave cat form to cast rebirth is because of the Global Cooldown. When we enter any form, there is a GCD on casting any attack or spell. This causes ferals using brez to lose more damage than a moonkin using brez. Also, we are not saying if we’re the only brez in group we won’t brez.

Feral druids while in cat form will be losing its ability to cast rebirth in their main form. We no longer have instant cast rebirth and we are not asking for it back. We just want to cast rebirth in our main form like all the other druid specs.

Feral druid and rebirth
Feral druids losing Rebirth in cat form on PTR and it's going LIVE
PTR Feral Druids and Rebirth
Feral druids losing Rebirth in cat form on PTR and it’s going LIVE
Feral druid and rebirth
PTR Feral Druids and Rebirth
(Sorelai) #2

Seems like an unnecessary change. Most likely for PVP.

Just another way to suck the fun out of the game.


Doesn’t it benefit from Predatory Swiftness? I realize the legendary that gives you free charges isn’t around anymore, but surely it doesn’t take that long to get 5 CP and spend them.

(Jerauld) #4

Nope, only Regrowth and Entangling Roots.

(Martei) #5

And no explanation as to why is even more frustrating it wasn’t an issue before and now all of a sudden it is. Cause feral is great in this xpac the only spec that struggles to do anything in game Clearly none of them play feral and don’t give a damn either they cant even give us a reason why. Like really why feral only when every other spec of druid can no sense at all and then they ignore us. Ignorance at its best. global cooldown on form adds to the cast yep this is a great pointless change blizz crap on the spec more. Literally fight every day to play this spec in the game cause everyone sees Feral as crap and you find more and more ways to make it worse you obviously don’t give a $^#^.

(Talbyy) #6

Removed in 7.3 I’m pretty sure. Not sure if a reason was ever given.


There needs to be justification on this. This is a gigantic class change. I really feel like it would be great to get a developers insight further on this topic than what was said in that short druid 8.2 thing that mostly focused on guardian so some things could be worded weird. I didn’t take a look at this on PTR today but will do it first thing tomorrow. If this is intended, I would imagine class reworks aren’t out and that rebirth will be again added to predatory swiftness alongside remove corruption possibly and hibernate. We will see though. I will look into this first thing tomorrow!

(Reshyk) #8

At the time actually it was a great change. It was taken off of Predatory Swiftness because it was also made instant cast and castable in Cat Form. The reasoning was they didn’t want Druids to be punished to res someone. It was taken off of Predatory Swiftness since it no longer made sense to be on it as the default version was the old “swift” version.

When BfA dropped it lost the instant cast (for Feral, not Guardian) but retained the ability to be cast in cat form. It was not, however, re-added to Predatory Swiftness.

Now they’ve removed the ability to cast it in Cat Form making it objectively the worst version of Rebirth to ever exist. Out of every b-reser in the game Feral is the only one that needs to take 3 GCDs and a 2 sec cast time in order to brez. I honestly have to imagine this was an oversight as no other explanation makes sense. That’s an outrageous price to ask anyone to pay for a brez. I’d rather have our DK with his instant brez do it.

Edit: someone who has access to the PTR, would you be able to play around with the Engineering bres and see if you can use it in Cat Form? If you can then it might actually be worth going Engineering just to get a better Bres than our baked-in version which I, personally, find hilarious.

(Talbyy) #9

I wonder now if it may not align with the goals or intended outcome / overall feel of the spec. Something to keep an eye on when class notes get released

(Reshyk) #10

Perhaps. Personally I always saw Rebirth as a Druid thing rather than a Druid (but not Feral) thing. If that is the route they want to go though they should seriously consider adding some new form of utility to Feral. On live they don’t have a ton to offer aside from Roots, Soothe, and Rebirth. And Rebirth is obviously the most exciting of those. Not to mention that in a Raid their only utility spells are Rebirth and Stampeding Roar, both of which Guardian does better. (The former being instant and the latter having a lower cooldown.)

That’s one of the reasons I don’t get the change. Feral is already utility-challenged so the last thing they needed was for their star piece of utility to be nerfed beyond usability. Combined with the fact that this just doesn’t make sense with the other Druid specs due to a lack of consistency and I have to assume this is an oversight that will get fixed the moment the one staff member they have working on Feral gets the newsletter.

(Talbyy) #11

Hopefully we get some clarification soon.

My best guess atm is that the initial notes were just incomplete and leaving it out was oversight.

(Liger) #12

You can’t brez in arenas or RBGs. Only in WPVP or random BGs you’re able to brez (I think).

(Sorelai) #13

WPVP is the PVP focus of this expansion. I didn’t specify a specific type of PVP.

The change provides no benefit to PVE. Just removes utility.

(Martei) #14

Yep can’t figure it out at all. All specs except for feral get to do everything I without penalty cant justify it as a dps thing as balance can do it. It even effects balance less as they don’t have white attacks as part of there damage that have to be stopped while casting.

I just can’t get over the all specs of druid except feral can do it. I mean its literally like the devs are telling everyone that feral “IS THE Worst” of the druid specs. So need an explanation but they are busy answering that our forms wont benefit from mount gear Which I figured already and am not that concerned about.

(Cyous) #15

Honestly, it makes no sense to me. I’ve tried asking around, but I cannot seem to get an answer worth defending. The only possible explanation I can think of would be “this is the first of a series of changes.”

Still, not even going to attempt to defend it beyond that.

(Talbyy) #16

That was my thought as well considering how unpopular the spec’s been but until I see class changes I’ve got nothing :woman_shrugging: .

There was some discussion earlier this morning suggesting changes like this are focused on making deaths matter, which is a fine goal, but why cat rebirth and nothing else? Why cat at all when people play Balance in M+?

(Martei) #17

Well they are here reading stuff. At the very least they could say that, but no they are just ignoring feral concerns. I don’t know about the deaths matter since this is literally only affecting feral at this point. Silence for feral is nothing new though you think we would learn by now. As it is now this is a huge kick to ferals talk about finding ways to even further demoralize the people who play the spec when your the sole spec that has to suffer this.

(Cyous) #18

FWIW, I would not want to be the person who has to say, “This is intentional.” There is no defending this change without more details than " Developer choice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

(Liger) #19

I really hope this is not intentional. I just started giving feral a chance again after maining an ele shaman. I’ve been upset about feral’s performance and utility in competitive play. Lately I’ve been able to hold my ground with other class damagers but there’s no reason to take a feral still.

(Martei) #20

Or they are just hiding from answering the question cause they don’t have a legitimate answer. Cant say its cause your dps cause balance is dps can’t say you can’t have it all cause guardian does (i suppose all specs but feral have it all someone told me resto can still cast brez in cat form) grrr just want something anything why can’t we just get something from them