PTR Feedback - UI Updates and Suggestions

Somewhat of a bug:

  • The text on cast bars is a bit low. Moving the text up a pixel or two will make it more centered from top to bottom. Right now, it is barely inside the box on the bottom. As a typography student, this is bothering me! :tired_face:


Some other parts of the UI also has kinda low positioned text, I hope they get ironed out and centered everywhere or more room is added on the UI to accommodate.

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How about restoring the bottom-right buttons to the way they are on Live? The Live buttons don’t take up that much room and they are a lot easier to see. As they are now, I have to mouse-over them to see which one I want.


Agreed. A visual update is good but the new one is impossible to easily read and each icon is too similar. The larger size and varied colors of the old version is much easier to use.

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Cast timer option for the new cast bars would be nice, either overlayed or above or below them

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Does anyone else’s UI randomly change this, even after you save a loadout?

Read the op please he covers alot that would be good and my biggest gripes the Padding with the buttons smallest (2)? and more action bars upwards of 10
Elvui has 10 think domino and bartender give you 10 bars as well.

But rest i think would be great as well.

Even if some of it gets implemented at a later date action bars and padding are a no brainer fix

Reading though the post im sure some are also some no brainer fixes as well


My wishlist for UI Options and Edit mode polishing:

  • make Tooltip moveable - My #1 wish!
  • make Bags and Micro-menu moveable - #2 wish
  • Re: LFG “Eye” - I disagree with the OP - I LIKE the new position - looks good!
  • make Target Frame updated just like player frame
    - make Target Castbar moveable too
  • Add Class Colors to Tooltip option

Less important wishes:

  • put Auto Loot option back in Controls section of Gameplay
  • In Quick Keybind Mode let me keybind Mousewheel Up and Mousewheel Down
  • Add a few different font style options to Chat and to Action Bar keybindings - and let us use BOLD as an option too!

Text color is a problem for a lot of people. Some who are color blind cannot see certain hues at all or even tell different colors apart from one another.

Personally, I have a problem with being able to see red text. I would much rather be able to adjust text color so that I can actually read what it says. As it is now, I can tell enemy npcs or mobs because their names are red, but when I look at something in a popup that has red text, I cannot read it, I only know that its red in color.

I personally have light sensitivity in my sight. Much of which has been brought on by aging, but its not as bad as my eldest son’s where he was forced to wear sun glasses even at night. More than likely this is possibly a genetic thing that runs in the family, but still, it can be debilitating if you don’t have the ability to adjust the lighting (or color of text) so you can actually read what is written.


I wonder why Blizzard is having such a hard time doing this kind of stuff when independent Addons can do this stuff. I wonder how far into their own code they have to go to edit or implement much of this without massively messing up something else.

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With today’s build, I see the enemy unit frames were updated.

The devs state in the patch notes: “We have moved away from the silver dragon border for rare mobs and instead will rely on using an icon.”

I, and I’m sure many others, really feel this is a bad change. Not only has the silver dragon been a staple of WoW’s UI for years, the new icon approach is less legible and makes little sense.
I took an image from wowhead showing the new gold dragon (which looks pretty good btw!) and I edited it to be silver and bronze.

I assume that perhaps the devs wanted to not use silver because the UI has a lot of gold elements but silver looks fine with it. It does not take away from the overall feel at all for me.

I really hope that the decision to only use an icon and not the iconic Silver Dragon frame is reversed. Even with my basic change of the hue/saturation, it looks good as silver!


I wish they decided on the other way around… Elites are pretty common so use the skull icon for them instead, and leave the rares and rare elites to use the dragon and the winged dragon as well

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I was thinking it would be handy to be able to shift click specific talents to link into chat. Not a big deal but I had tried earlier and couldn’t do it.

Also, I’d like to agree with those that I want the silver dragon back. It’s another minor silly thing but… iconic.


The silver dragon for rare enemies definitely needs to come back. Not a fan of the new icon and I much prefer what Zaydin posted earlier.


Option for class-colored hp bars on the target(especially) and player frames.

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New UI is moving in a great direction, keep up the good work!

My biggest wish-list items now:

  1. Tooltip - class color option
  2. Bags - auto vendor option AND auto-repair option
  3. Font options - for both Chat AND names/nameplates
  4. Bag bar and Micro-menu - make 'em moveable!

Lookin’ good all!

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Add a dedicated bar for mounts with a random favourites mount button to the wish list. :slight_smile:

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I’ve messed around with the UI on the Pre-patch PTR and I don’t really like it. I get that some people want to be able to move their frames to what they want and the like, but to me it seems very minimalist and I want the option to keep the layout and style of what we currently have in Shadowlands. Trying to recreate that style with the new UI tools just doesn’t have the same feel.

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I want to echo some of these notes about color blindness. I’ve done a lot of professional work designing interfaces usable for various color blindness types and it only ever helps to have these things added in.

I would love for more colored text to be displayed with icons and shapes to differentiate things further. Color is good, but color and shape is better.

  • Class color options: I really like this! My brain just parses colors and shapes faster than words so it is way easier and less stressful for me to have tooltips, nameplates, and chat with class-color options.

I want to be respectful of people that don’t parse colors or shapes that way, so I think having the options built in one way or the other is really a good idea.

  • Interface options: ALSO separate topic: one thing that would be super neat is if the devs could build into the Interface/gameplay options a “save setup” option, just like they did with the Edit mode, so every new character we make, we can just switch to the preset options that we enjoy instead of going back through all the options again.

Even better: just have the game save the option-changes we made by default!

  • Whisper alert: Would be REALLY nice if we could get a SOUND option (you know: “ding” or “beep”) to play when we receive an in-game whisper!

I maxxed out the UI scale, but I can barely see the icons in the talent window. There needs to be an alternate configuration.

When viewing on Wowhead, if I shrink the window size and increase the zoom, they have an interesting solution. The class/spec panes are independent, and the icons scroll up (to a maximum) to allow you to actually see the icons and read the tooltips.

In the PTR, I can hardly mouse over the icons being too small (not on a ultra hi-res monitor). The difference between my standard buttons and the talent windows is jarring (not pretty–not polished–not finished).

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