PTR Development Notes

arena = raid

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Interesting. Amazing buff for arena/ss and for non-raid world pvpers, but it will still be a horrible defensive in BGs.

Arenas are party aren’t they? Most of us just use raid frames instead. But I can be wrong

Also, increased by 100%. Not, increased to 100%. Unless I’m misunderstanding, I think Darkness gets boosted to 30% when not in a raid.

But yeah, arenas are flagged as raids for some reason. I found that out when I was trying to make macros, thinking I could differentiate between arenas and bgs.

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Okay, so just a buff for non-raid world pvpers. Hah. They really need to change the way those types of defensives work. Good luck = live. Bad luck = die.

Ah makes sense increased BY* 100%. That’s just a PvE buff then cause PvP darkness is 50%

Looks like they forgot to remove Blade’s Edge.


Kind of ironic that after playing Holy for years against all odds, that as soon as I learn to love Disc, Blizzard makes Holy the obvious spec. Lol

choice node with blade dance mortal strike is such a weird place for them to put that


I feel like it really should at least be disabled until there isn’t somebody getting knocked through the map every other shuffle. :dracthyr_a1:

That Spectral Sight CD nerf is a buff to Stealth which if anything needs to be nerfed or removed from PVP rather than buffed


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Why bother having any pools at all?

The one thing I genuinely hate about retail PvP is how ubiquitous this toxic mechanic is. It was already bad enough that rogues and druids had it. The game would unironically benefit from either its removal, or at least heavily nerfing it such that the longest any such effect lasts is like 5-10 seconds.

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It’s in classic too

On two classes and with restrictions on a third. Adding it to hunters increases how often you have to deal with it by like 5x, and Invisibility is, on average, much more usable.

And I don’t know if you literally stopped reading after the first sentence, but you’ll notice the following sentence talking about how what exists/existed in the earlier expansions was already bad enough. It’s always been bad and bad for the game, but it’s at peak awfulness in retail.

At least in Classic Stealth comes with some downsides like 50% snare (requires talent pts to get it up to 70% movement speed), DoTs/Dam breaks it unlike how Vanish gives you immunity now, as well as actual useful Stealth counters like Hunter’s Mark and Faerie Fire.


I didn’t stop reading. Felt you were being dishonest about stealth between classic and retail

I think they’re dumb, but at least disable Blade’s Edge at this point.

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How could you possibly have read my post as being dishonest about that? It’s a response to an individual I’m agreeing with, in a post that is not about Classic vs. retail, in which I make an absolute statement regarding retail and then follow it up with a comment that implicitly makes the case that the problem has always existed (and been a problem) even though it has gotten worse, which it objectively has.

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