PTR Development Notes

Of all the priest specs that change affects holy the least

I don’t think priest is the healer of concern for DoT classes

Tbh don’t sleep on bm Hunter with the changes. It really hasnt been talked about much but it is getting a fairly significant upgrade. Call of the wild is not that great but the new talent that gives cdr on barbed ticks is really powerful. More kill commands in general but also gives you the ability to multi dot barbed in BW windows (because of the free barbed charges BW grants) and get a LOT more kill commands off for a little bit.

Gonna have to give patch notes a solid 3/10 for distinct lack of Devastation buffs and Fury Bladestorm

The real tragedy is no mention of enhance changes yet. Or changing our 4 set to not make us play lash build after they gutted it this ssn

Aff bg/shuffle nerf love to see it


they haven’t toughed enh for like months.

Such an incredibly stupid change, especially for Disc. The worst healing spec already struggles against rot damage, and they took the risk/reward of blowing your fade to clear up some damage. It opens you to cc as the least mobile healer.

Eeyup. Huge noob trap. I’m sticking with Gouge since that’s what it’s choice-noded with.

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Same. I already tested it on the ptr, it makes blind a 3 second duration in pvp. Seems pretty trash. I’ll just keep using gouge.

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If theres any dot removal that should be nerfed its revival not this.

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The atonement changes might help disc against rot damage.

They won’t. You could buff atonement 50% and it wouldn’t matter. It doesn’t work in modern toolkit. It’s a gimmick in 2s and raids.

Someone mad about feign death dot removal nerf

yeah when stuff like attonement and way of the crane isnt balanced around having a CD it becomes impossible to balance correctly

I like healing through offense as a gameplay choice. The damage just has to be appropriately tuned.

The only healer I was ever inclined to play was fistweaver because it’s effectively melee

You mean the atonement nerf?

You don’t understand disc healing then. It doesn’t necessarily have a cooldown but it does have abilities like shadow fiend where it can heal a lot more for a period of time through atonement. That’s what it needs to get through rot damage

yea no lol

I linked priest changes, and the survival tactics change is probably a net buff for hunters. This is why there should be a rating requirement to post here…