PTR Development Notes -- Updated August 11

Welcome to the Shadowlands Pre-Patch PTR. In this public test realm, we’re testing the version of World of Warcraft which will be released several weeks before Shadowlands. Content specific to this test environment includes:

  • Core Class Updates
  • In-Game Navigation Improvements
  • The New Player Experience
  • Character Creation and Character Customization
  • The limited-time Scourge Invasion

We’ve launched the PTR today (August 11) with “Week 1” of the events already underway. We’ll move forward to “Week 2” in a couple of days, on August 13.

To test Week 1 with us:

  1. Log in to the PTR.
  2. Accept the quest “An Urgent Request”.
  3. Play through until the completion of Week 1 events, ending with “Advancing the Effort”.