PTR datamining continues!

(Carmageddon) #575

…have you played the Horde intro to the Twilight Highlands?

It’s basically 90 seconds of Garrosh being the most Garroshy moron that ever Garroshed.

(Cladriah) #576

did you see what the alliance could of had and what we got?

(Droité) #577

Seriously, everything I see about Gazlowe and those surrounding him makes me want him to finally pull off that fake mask of neutrality and take his rightful place as the Horde Goblin leader so much more. He’s just so much more competent in almost every way (and actually knows how to earn and keep the loyalty of those that work for him). Plus, the guy is voiced by Travis Willingham; so it would be sort of funny to have the Husband of Jaina’s VA being the Gob leader. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nightlighter) #578

Gazlowe stopped being neutral in BfA.

(Droité) #579

Right, so Blizz no longer really has the excuse to not finally make the guy the Horde Goblin leader. He’s a better representation of Goblins than Wix anyway; and he actually does seem to give a crap about his people (while still retaining that classic Goblin greed and intellect). Gazlowe is the original Horde Gob; he could honestly be considered a Founder of the Horde by this point. Having him and his Grease-Monkeys added to our roster officially really would be a benefit overall.

(Moonweaver) #580

Just something funny

(Droité) #581

Hey, quick question, has there been ANY indication of there being an advancement of the Vol’jin story-thread in the datamined content for 8.2 yet?

Like, there are VERY few story elements of BfA I’m actually invested in still, but I do gotta say that the Vol’jin side-story (and the origins of Warchief Windrunner) is one I’m actually waiting on (the other one being the Velonara story, as I think it might tie into advancing the Forsaken NE narrative).

I just have no idea how that Vol’jin story is going to end, or what its ending will mean for Vol’jin himself (as, I’ll admit, he is one of my favorite Horde characters). Thus, I suppose I can’t help myself but be invested in this tiny fragment of BfA.

(Withpuppys) #582

Not yet, he doesnt show up

(Nazuras) #583

Lor’themar joins the rebellion “Praying his people will follow”?! Really?! FFS… Another traitor.

(Galenorn) #584

“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”- Usually attributed to Thomas Jefferson (but while he did espouse similar views, this exact quote isn’t found in his writings)

(Droité) #585

Yup, nothing like the guy turning against the woman he’s always been suspicious of, and has laced his people’s beloved Racial Name with so much hypocrisy they’re drowning in it when she burned Teldrassil. Lor’themar shouldn’t care bout that at all, he should just tow the party line.

Nope, remember, Sylvanas IS THE HORDE. She in no way represents it in any way ideologically; hell, she’s not even a good representative of the Forsaken people themselves when looked at objectively. She also has a LONG history of openly just using the faction (and her own people) as tools for personal objectives (then discarding them when they are no longer of use to her).

But … still, Sylvie IS the Horde. Betraying HER makes you NOT Horde.

(Gornur) #586

You know this logic makes me remember this moment from Tides of War (page 27, hardcover).

“The Horde embraced and supported my people when no one else would,” Lor’themar replied, “I will not forget that. And so, my loyalty, and that of my people, is to the Horde.”
Unease stirred in Garrosh as he noticed a slight emphasis on Lor’themar’s last word. “I am the Horde’s warchief, Lor’themar. And as such, I am the Horde.”
_ “You are its warchief,” Lor’themar said, agreeing readily.

Thus when it comes to Sylvanas’s actions and the parallels to Garrosh its not that surprising that Lor’themar is choosing the Horde over its Warchief.

Besides if were are going to take betraying the Horde as betraying/defying the Warchief then the Horde ceased to exists when the Darkspear Rebellion arose to fight against Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.

(Fizzer) #587

IMO, the mechanical limbs are a good idea but implemented poorly along with a couple other bits.

  1. As far as we can tell, you don’t get to choose what limbs are mechanical. It’s all of them.
  2. The gnomes’ most expressive features (their eyes) are covered up with almost all of the facial customization options. Cybernetic eyes are a really cool idea but should have been placed inside the sockets instead of some sort of LED display on a flat goggle.
  3. The mechanical limbs make arm and leg armor visually irrelevant. No sleeves, gloves, pantlegs, or boots are visible, with the exception of “extra model” pieces which are on a minority of transmogs. Everything you wear becomes a diaper.


Sure would be subversive of expectations if Sylvanas nukes both Orgrimmar and Stormwind, dragging the Alliance and Horde players kicking and screaming and to “unite” against the dark lady, dissolve the factions once and for all, and force all players into a new “Green” republic style faction.


Gnome torsoes intensify

(Syllaiesta) #590

Wasn’t she always siding with Azshara?

(Gornur) #591

Nazjatar and Mechagon have been added to the Kul Tiras map.

Much like Argus on the Broken Isles map, so is Nazjatar on the Kul Tiras map. Don’t know if that means it won’t have its own place on the world map or if this is a placeholder and a later build will give Nazjatar its own place on the world map.

(Yvenathilm) #592

Azshara: “Defeating a mere herald means nothing. N’Zoth’s visions are growing stronger… more tangible. There is so much he wants you to see.”

Seems us seeing N’Zoth’s prison from the Palace of Azshara is apparently due to an illusion by the Harbinger of Ny’alotha and the real prison we face Azshara in is only accessed by teleporting there curtsy of Azshara.

(Moonweaver) #593

In live N’zoth is starting to whisper constantly to all players with the gift.

(Yvenathilm) #594

The ones who didn’t remove theirs?

What exactly do they say?