PTR Bug Report Update

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We’ve got an update incoming to the In-Game Bug Reporter for our Public Test Realm (PTR). We’re excited about this, because it should make it even easier for testers to get the right information to us as quickly as possible.

Starting with the Rise of Azshara PTR, you’ll see a new context-sensitive hotkey for submitting bug reports. When you mouse over any Creature, NPC, Item, Achievement, or Spell in the game, there’s now some blue text at the bottom of the tooltip that reads “Press F6 to submit a bug for this Item”.

Simply hit that hotkey while mousing over the item or creature or spell you’d like to report, and you’ll see a text box pop up with the model of the creature or icon corresponding to the relevant spell or item. From there just type a short description of the misbehavior you observed, and your bug report will be sent to our Quality Assurance team for review.

The default hotkey for bug reporting is F6, but this can be re-bound to any other key by pressing escape to bring up the game menu, and then selecting Key Bindings. Find the PTR sub-section of the Key Bindings menu and set the hotkey for the Tooltip Bug Hotkey to any key you like.

Thanks to all testers who’ve used the In-Game Bug Reporter in previous PTRs. With your help, we’ve been able to review tens of thousands of bug reports. With these upcoming improvements to the system, we hope to be able to process and review even more issues that you send our way.

We’ll see you in the PTR.

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A much needed improvement on the old bug report system.

(Talbyy) #4

I agree. :+1:

(Dellexi) #5

How do you report something that the game doesn’t recognize as an object? Like misplaced textures or missing objects.

(Kaivax) #6

There will still be an on-screen bug button that you can use to submit anything you’d like to, from any disposition.


Nice to see these improvements to the bug report system.


Some issue with that. I’d like to report for example that the PvP vendor is missing but I can’t target it.


Is this something we’ll be using tomorrow?

  • First the preview
  • then “next week” is all the hint you give
  • Then you deleted/removed the 8.1.5 PTR discussion threads
  • now this new bug report tool

There’s a lot of teasing to this magical PTR that is supposedly farther ahead than you normally give us. But yet, no actual PTR to download. Stop hyping it up and just let us see it already.

(Lionhearte) #10

Out of curiosity, do submitted bug reports include players’ coordinates / facing position and other meta data? Oftentimes there’s a small graphical glitch like a floating doodad but I don’t want to bother reporting because I don’t want to include a lengthy description of my location, but if you guys can see where my character was when submitting reports I’d flood reports like crazy.

(Conorn) #11

Sounds good.

Let’s see how it plays out.

(Autai) #12

Nifty change.


Yeah but… where’s the actual PTR so I can use it?.. ;_;

(Sëliciä) #14

Now if this works as intended, I hope blizz carries it over into the live game. I also hope blizz acts on the reports an fixes the bugs then retests them in the PTR to ensure the bug’s are actually fixed before pushing the content LIVE.

I think it’d be a nice addition if there was a widget in the launcher like blizz does with the maintenance widget to let players know what’s up in the PTR to be tested. I think this would help promote more tester activity to ensure bugs are actually found an fixed before each content release, this could also include other bug fixes in between major content patches.

(Necrohoof) #15

That’s actually very useful. Thank you, Kaivax.

Just out of curiosity, will we ever see something like this in the live game?

I only ask because there are bugs that have existed in the game for YEARS that are still not fixed. I for one have reported one of these bugs probably 10-15 times over the past 5 years (on the forums and in the game report option), and it still exists. Having something like this for items, let’s say, would make it much easier to report ongoing problems in the live game. It’s frustrating looking at the same bug for 5 years knowing it would probably take minutes to fix.

(Josefine) #16

Not sure about direction, but the bug widget does add location.


Where is the actual PTR

(Virden) #18

I keep getting error 134 when trying to open PTR. How do I fix this?

(Talbyy) #19

(Virden) #20

I need more help than a copy paste. I’m on windows 7 and I don’t know how to do things like find the cache folder, plus wouldn’t I need to find it for PTR, not for live WoW?