PSA: DON'T Buy TCG Cards for the Time Being!

TLDR: They turned off the ability to redeem TCG loot. No this is not a post about the Feldrake being given away.

So I just got a few TCG loot cards that were being panic sold for dirt cheap (some pet’s and a toy) and just got the 1st card today.

So did the usual thing, scratched it off to redeem, put in the code, went to Booty Bay, it’s unable to redeem.

Apparently the ability to redeem TCG loot has been turned off and is no longer redeemable for the time being and don’t buy any (even if dirt cheap like me buying a War Party Hitching Post and 3 pets for a total of $40).


Let’s be honest. Blizzard makes nothing off the secondary market of the cards. It was only a matter of time before they started releasing the items in other ways.

And if you are spending 1000’s on a group of pixels, you pretty much did it to yourself.


Eh only 40 bucks because of panic selling :stuck_out_tongue: I did buy a Feldrake the day before the announcement but the seller is a saint (we had history with me vendoring Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to him) and offered a full refund.


Pretty sure that just means there are issues not fixed relating to this (npc is back but non-functioning):


Ya they returned the NPC’s but disabled their ability to distribute loot. Apparently in the Beta Landro was giving away all items for free. Just found that out 20 mins ago.

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Yeah, this was a quick fix to the exploit. :dracthyr_love_animated:


Yes I know know that as of 20 or so mins ago.

Just a PSA for those unaware to not buy any TCG loot cards for the time being. Because alot are crashing in price do to panic selling.

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So are you going to return the card and get your money back like I said in the other thread a while ago? $2500 for this to happen is an instant refund, basically a scam.

I mean id be all up for them to add every tcg item to the ingame store or as ingame event rewards.

Rather pay blizz than some greedy person who upped the price by like 1000%.

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idk what this is…but I love it


Happy Dracthyr.



lmaooo how’d you make it so big?! and why’s it moving so fast lol also the face is cute, makes me immediately trust it unconditionally


That’s how they getcha. You know what happened the last time we trusted the blue dragonflight.

Just remember–you don’t have an eternity.

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I’ve been interpreting it more as like viciously smacking things angrily

With a big heart.


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Nah I already scratched them off and punched in the code. I sent back the Feldrake and got a refund.

There should have been a 2 year time limit to redeem these in the first time. That pasty old card shop owners have horded these things for over a decade now, and resell for thousands, is pretty sad.


That’s really interesting, hrm.

Extremely funny if it’s now worthless, though.


Eh… I think you are drastically overestimating how many big ticket items they have. Alot of the lower end (non 1 time use items like biscuts) were 1 in 100+ so you needed so spend 150+ USD to get one.

At least with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards there is no set rotation and I’ve made bank because they will never be worthless.

Hummm… I feel like fools panic selling would be the perfect time to get an overpriced TCG. They already stated the NPC would be restored soon, so might even be a good, but risky investment.