PSA: do this NOW before 11/2

I’m ok not doing it as I really don’t think I’ll be back in the game soon enough to profit over this. I mean it’ll prob be a vendor item anyways, and it can’t be mog able.

No reason to do this at all.

I got the bloodelf shirt from pre cataclysm still tradeable. It’s recommended to make a starter gear char and undress them incase the same is happening here.

Wait…do all races just get the same Human looking set based on class?

Why does Blizzard hate their own world so much?


Kind of feels like they applied the same homogenization of armor to armor type as they have to raid and dungeon sets… >_< On their own, some of these look nice, but definitely lacking in variety.


Wow, these new sets look terrible compared to the old ones.

Not to mention they lost their themed looks for each race. I’m gonna miss the Gilnean stuff.


Please don’t worry that any original starter gear might go away forever or become very rare.

We’re working on making all of those various older starter pieces available to players who want to obtain them.


Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Can you bring back the removed starter shirts from Vanilla? I’ve been dying to get my hands on those but they’re all millions of gold!


Awesome news! Now if you could just convince the devs to make them moggable, as well as bring back the old shirts that got removed!


Very based.

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And what about the Warlords of Draenor craftable colors?

You said during Beta that you would bring them back in a later patch. Is that still planned to happen?

I am still missing these colors : /


really glad this will be the case - hoping all common quality gear becomes transmogrifiable some day too. There’s a lot of neat Pandaren starting gear, the gilneas / worgen stuff, and of course other items like the Black Embersilk Gown and the worgen tophat and stuff. :eyes:

Thanks for the clarification tho, I was worried (and made a spreadsheet) about the items going away, I linked the reply in a big box so hopefully there’s not like a massive influx of characters being created and reserving names in order to save the gear


So much for this huh?


If you could just allow gray and white items to be learnable, it would solve so many problems and open up so much bank space. There are a lot of white vendor gear that is truly unique.

I’m sure this isn’t “easy” but would be very welcome.

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Thanks troll beards next plx

No one knew they were going to change their minds on this including you

It was going to be removed as stated before

Also to state above:

The WoD crafting sets have not even come back yet even though they said they would

So yeah still do so until they officially make another announcement


We all know it takes longer than 6 months for Blizzard to correct bugs if they are even able to fix bugs (which they haven’t been able to do lately).

Yeah, this was never going to be a gold making thing.

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Please don’t overlook the Pandaren starting equipment in all of this! There are so many simple and clean looks that have never been moggable because all of it is Common gear, which is extremely unfortunate for how good some of those items look.


Look at Clark, drawing out Blue posts :laughing:


oh thank goodness… was really, REALLY worried when i heard about these new starting armors… so… i take it you guys are gonna have like, an npc in the starting zone who’s an ‘armorer’ or something? or uh… some guy selling the armors next to the archaeology trainer (cause it’s ‘historic’ armor)? one of those ideas?

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