PSA: Do NOT Summon other Blingtrons to fight Bling7000!

Or that.

Either they didnt scale down previous Blings or left off a zero of the newest one.

HA HA :point_right:

there ya go


Maybe I can get a knockoff after 400 tries from the 7?

like most things in the game blingtron has only gotten worse with BFA


Stat squish… :wink:

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We’ve found the bug here and we’re working on a hotfix for it.


LOL, so it took you only 2 hours to fix this trivial, insignificant problem … how about spending time on REAL problems affecting many players, eg. STUCK IN COMBAT!


I suspect the ‘stuck in combat’ bug is more technically involved than a minor bit of math on an NPC.


I’m all for jumping on Blizzard for not fixing things and not listening but they’ve addressed the stuck in combat bug and I’ll bet its a bit more involved than boosting an NPC’s health and stats.


Not going to lie, it would at the very least be nice to more easily see what you are stuck in combat with at the very least XD


Dev 1 : Hey looks like there is a bug with the Blingtrons

Dev 2 : Really what ?

Dev 1 : Blingtron 5000 just owned 7000 in a fight

Dev 2: Ahhhhh no problem working as intended

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LMAO I really wanna do this now.

Bugged for azeroth

Death to the 7000s!

Keyword - trivial. Much easier to hop into the database and push an update to the “HP” column than it is to fix the “why am I stuck in combat” problems (or other more involved issues).

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Maybe he’s the glass canon model.

No offense but given your propensity for screwing up professions in BFA, I highly doubt it.

Can we get 7000’s daily cooldown separated from the rest? I really think the idea of being able to only open one Blingtron package from only 1 model once per account per day is… A little restrictive…

I did the exact same thing earlier, and I was coming here to make a thread about it.

Funny stuff.